A transformational immersion, deep into your Kundalini Yoga practice

Retreat dates: 1 - 8 July 2022 
Location: Ventimiglia, Italy
Teachers: Marieke de Lange & Tim Schipper
Price: 575 euro for the whole program including, food and camping with your own tent. Excluding flights & transport, extra costs lodging or renting a tent.





Surrounded by a beautiful natural setting on top of a mountain overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, you’ll unplug, destress, recharge and revitalise. The daily program, nature and the delicious healthy meals will all contribute to getting you clear, recharged and relaxed.

This retreat focusses on going deep into the practice (three sessions per day) and besides going for hikes in the surrounding nature, we retreat ourselves completely from society for one week. There is a possibility to rent (basic) accommodation or you can camp. 



You will be guided through the program with early morning practice (Sadhana), daily Kundalini Yoga sessions and an evening meditation. We offer healthy, vegan meals 3 times a day. Seva (selfless service or karma yoga) is playing an important role, we serve each other during the whole week.



05.30 – 07.30h Sadhana (early morning Yoga)
08.00 - 09.00h Seva
09.00 – 09.30h Breakfast
10.30 – 12.00h Morning Yoga
13.00 – 14.00h Lunch
16.30 – 18.00h Afternoon Yoga
18.30 – 19.30h Diner
20.30 – 21.00h Evening Meditation



It is a practice retreat in which the focus lies on the deep experience of your practice. Experience with Kundalini Yoga is recommended. You are advised to join Kundalini Yoga Classes/workshops before. Online classes with Marieke and Tim are a perfect option because it will give you an impression of what to expect during the retreat.



We serve a vegan diet. All meals are without meat, fish and dairy; according to Ayurvedic guidelines.



You are welcome from 14.00h onwards on Friday the 1st of July. We start the programs at the end of the afternoon (6 PM) with a light dinner. The retreat ends on the consecutive Friday (8th of July) after breakfast.



Reach the retreat in the following way: You fly to Nice Airport (France) and from there you take a short bus ride to the train station in Nice. From there you start the beautiful train ride (50 min) along the coastline of the cote d’azur to Ventimiglia (Italia); from Ventimiglia you take a short (15 min) taxi ride up the mountain to our retreat place. We’ll share with you the participant list, so you can travel together and/ or share the taxi from Ventimiglia. The other option is to rent a car from Nice airport. You can also travel by car.



We retreat in a natural setting on top of a mountain near the town of Ventimiglia in Italy. The views on the Mediterranean sea and mountain valleys are magnificent. For an additional fee you can book accommodation or bring your own tent for free. Check the possibilities for accommodation below:

€ 350 / max. 3 pax

Beautiful house with 1 double bed and 1 single bed. With small kitchen, private toilet and shared showers.

€ 250/ max. 2 pax

Basic house with the most beautiful view looking over the Vineyard. With 2 Single beds and shared sanitaire facilities.

€175/ shared € 100 p.p

Sleeping in a tree with an open rooftop (optional) under the stars. With 1 small double bed and shared sanitaire facilities.

€ 140/ max. 2 pax

A comfortable tent with 2 compartments for 2 persons and shared sanitaire facilities.

€140/ max. 2 pax.

A comfortable tent with 1 compartment for 2 persons and shared sanitaire facilities.

€140/ max. 2 pax.

A comfortable tent with 1 compartment for 2 persons and shared sanitaire facilities.

€280/ shared 140 p.p.

A private house at 5 minutes walking distance from the Yoga floor for 2 persons and your own sanitaire facilities.

€70/ *extras €10

Rent a basic single tent with a sleeping pad on the campsite. For €10 extra* we also provide bedsheets and a towel.

€0/ *extras €10

Bring your own tent and camp on the campsite. For €10 extra* we provide you with bedsheets, sleeping pad and a towel.


When the retreat needs to be cancelled due to circumstance and restricting regulations that are beyond our control, you will either receive a full refund of the downpayment or you can decide to use the downpayment for another retreat. If it is not possible for you to travel from your country into Italy due to governmental restrictions you will receive a full refund. However, if you find yourself unable to attent the retreat due to a personal covid related issue (when you test positive), the downpayment will not be refunded, and will be reserved for another retreat of choice.


This was truly the most special week in my life so far. I'm still processing what exactly happened to me, but I feel more like me, and more powerful than I ever did before. This week helped me to finally listen to the potential that was already inside of me, instead of listening to the voice of my fears. It helped my to finally follow my heart and make some drastic changes in my life. It was really special to share my journey with this amazing group of people: I couldn't have done it without them! I also can't thank Tim & Marieke enough for their support and the facilitation of the blossoming of Kim! -- Kim/ Kundalini Yoga Retreat Italy

Am I still in awe. The practise of Kundalini Yoga really got me. For building strength, inner balance and my nature. To learn the nature of my bodies, and how to release blockages by practicing yoga. All this with a group of beautiful dedicated souls. And Marieke and Tim keeping space for these processes is a gift. I hope many beautiful souls are able to have this experience. Because it’s life cracking amazing. And not to forget the incredible breakfast after sadhana. Or the stunning lunches. Wahe guru!!  -- Jantien / Kundalini Yoga Retreat Italy

I feel truly blessed that this retreat came on my path. It has been a profound experience. The beautiful people, the magic of the mountains, the great food and last but not least the inner journey that I made. The walls I build over the past years started to tumble down. For me the new beginning to start living from the heart instead of the head. Sat Nam! -- Joyce / Kundalini Yoga Retreat Italy

This week was an intense, beautiful and powerful experience, in which we were invited to find our way to break through the old patterns that we subconsciously hold on to. I definitely reconnected to my own strength, endurance and focus, feeling and connecting to my own potential.

Marieke and Tim guided us through the layers and patterns of our conscious and subconscious mind, using powerful yoga kriyas, playful group exercises, chanting and meditations to deeply connect us with ourselves. Showing us the beauty of staying present with the sensations we experience during the different practices and releasing our creative power through writing and drawing.

My biggest revelation of the week has been the experience that I can use my mind to keep me focussed on what I want and what I need, in stead of letting my mind have it's own (crazy) way. I clearly see myself being very aware of my thoughts and redirecting their energy to a place of healthy empowerment. Super grateful for this insight and experience. In love, bless and bliss. Sat nam. Thierry --  Thierry/ Kundalini Yoga Retreat Italy

The retreat on top of the hill in Italy has been a very special week. Great to be diving into Kundalini yoga practice, seeing beautiful sunrises at Sadhana (gave me goosebumps every day!), beautiful people to share this week with, doing seva and a fantastic vision quest which gave me some good insights. It has been a wonderful journey and I would love to come again next year. -- Ingrid/ Kundalini Yoga Retreat Italy

 A week full of self-love and making new friends. Everything is taken care of: healthy food made by superb chefs, a fixed schedule, the sun, nature, clean accommodation and an open air shower to enjoy the mountain view. Only thing you have to do is opening up yourself to let the Kundalini flow, to work on yourself, supported by the energy, the love and the kindness of the group. Guided by Marieke & Tim who take care of you in any situation. Who smile throughout the week and who make Kundalini yoga more down to earth than you would expect beforehand. -- Micaela / Kundalini Yoga Retreat Italy

The atmosphere and safety you guys create during this retreat is thus that I can totally surrender to everything. And the way you explain things is a true enrichment of the process. -- Els / Kundalini Yoga Retreat Italy

I keep coming back to this Italy retreat. When people ask me how it was, I describe it as a yearly thorough 'spring cleaning' of my body and mind. It's amazing what you can do in just a week. Sat Nam! -- Anke / Kundalini Yoga Retreat Italy

Tim & Marieke provided the perfect conditions for an unforgettable spiritual journey: a thorough yoga and meditation programme (balanced between seriousness and fun), camping amidst the olive trees, only the sound of nature around you, early morning Sadhana seeing the sun coming up behind the mountains, delicious, nourishing (mostly Indian) food. The lovely group and teachers hold space for every single soul present. During this retreat I explored a deeper connection with my inner being and opened up to spread the love. Wahe guru!  -- Inge / Kundalini Yoga Retreat Italy

I participated in the retreat of June 2018. It's a week in which I've gained useful insights about myself. Some of the insights had been slumbering on the background for a while, so they were not totally new to me. But what I like about a week like this, is that you make time to stand still, get to the essence and make space for the things you would like tot change. For me the week is all about self development. Also there was enough time to relax in between the sessions so it felt like a holiday as well. I love the accommodation and teachers; the surrounding is beautiful and peaceful, the accommodations are pretty basic which matches the yoga well, and Tim and Marieke are incredibly skilled in leading such a week. I really recommend joining this retreat. -- Anna / Kundalini Yoga Retreat Italy

It was a very special yoga retreat and the classes are fantastic! I’m grateful for you and what the retreat has given me. Happy to come again on the next retreat on the hill in Italy and enjoy the magical sunrises during Sadhana. -- Roslyn / Kundalini Yoga Retreat Italy

This retreat has given me so much. In the week after it I noticed I was much more able to concentrate myself and my memory improved! Since then I am doing a meditation every day and that feels great. I’m so happy about this. I can truly recommend this retreat experience to everyone. -- Maaike I Kundalini Yoga Retreat Italy

This retreat has been very special, I experienced many beautiful things and I have met very nice people. Never guessed a group process could be so good (I’m not really a ‘group person’) and to see the goodness in everybody. -- Corinne I Kundalini Yoga Retreat Italy 

I so far had the opportunity to experience the Kundalini Yoga retreats in Italy twice. I had done some yoga before, even some Kundalini Yoga, but to be honest, I had no idea what to expect that first time I joined. The theme of the retreat was ‘Coming home to yourself’; it was something that started to make sense to me as I participated in the retreat. Spending a whole week, at an indescribable beautiful location, with lovely weather and amazing people, has really touched me. I really got a chance to go ‘inward’, to come home to myself, something I had never experienced before. Very special!

The next year I joined again. The expectations that I had about the week and the program, according to my first  experience, didn’t make any sense. It was a different theme (Detox) and a totally different programme, with many new and surprising elements and experiences. Again I got to meet so many nice people. And of course, the weather and the location where still as lovely and beautiful. And I should not forget to mention, our great teachers: Marieke and Tim! I will join the retreat again, I am already looking forward to it, all these great ingredients for another unforgettable week! Sat Nam. -- Peter S. / Kundalini Yoga Retreats Italy

Everything was organised to perfection! You seemed to enjoy giving this retreat just as much as the participants enjoyed being there and that made it a very special and fun experience. -- Ellis / Kundalini Yoga Retreat Italy