The cycle of time

Can you feel it? A strong surge of energy that is moving in our world calling for a shift, a transformation? Can you sense it in your personal life and in the collective field? It’s as if consciousness no longer fits in the molds it has been ‘kept in’ for a long time and now is pushing against all the borders, frames, structures and concepts to break free. 


And sometimes this transition can be quite chaotic, it’s as if something needs to explode to completely disassemble before it can resettle itself towards a more harmonic order, bringing into the light all the unbalance and darkness (read unconsciousness). We feel the pandemic is such an ‘explosion’ that is causing a big shift in the evolution of our consciousness, bringing out into the open all the dysfunctionalities in societies all over the world. 


Cycles of consciousness

If we look at it only from the perspective of it being a tragedy it helps to take the higher perspective and see how this event is taking place in a much larger time frame and that the times we live in now have been known for millennia to be a turning point in consciousness. According to the ancients time is not linear, it is cyclic, and so is the development of consciousness. Just as we move through the cycle of each day, the return of the light and a fall into darkness occurs on a much larger scale as well, a cycle in which consciousness rises to its peak and then slowly but surely starts to descend into denser and denser states.


Forces of nature

Plato called this cycle ‘The Great Year’, a cycle of approximately 26.000 years. This same cosmic cycle is known in the Vedic tradition which they divide into four epochs called ‘Yugas’ of which they say: It begins to end and ends to begin. Cycles of time and their impact on human consciousness were also known to the Mayas in the Americas and by the Ancient Egyptians. Some theories go as far as saying that actually the pyramids were built to slow down the degeneration of human consciousness that came with the turning of the cycle. The energy fields created by the pyramids were able to do this for a long period of time, however eventually the forces of nature could not be stopped and the decline set in anyhow. 


New Moon in Aquarius

Now we don’t know what the truth of the matter is, but we do know, see and feel, that change is in the air. Maybe especially now because this coming New Moon is in the air sign of Aquarius, the constellation that calls for innovation, bringing new energy into our lives. We can facilitate this process by clearing our mind and thus open ourselves for more expanded states of being, embracing new views, new perceptions, new ideas. 

Join us as we come together in the Sacred Space to practice and meditate during the Recalibration Session. Together we set the intention to ‘pick-up’ the expansive energy of Jupiter, clearing our minds, aligning with our hearts, recalibrating ourselves to ride the wave of energy as the cycle moves.


Keep the practice going - 11 day Sadhana Purify the Mind

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