Cleanse. Crystallize. Create. to awaken your potential

Part of what makes our lives so interesting is the fact that we as human beings have the ability to create. It’s no exaggeration to state that creativity is an essential element of who we are as a human species. Creativity helps to express and find meaning in our lives, find common ground and very importantly it’s an access to the hidden realms of our inner worlds, the realm of visions that transcends the ordinary reality.


Allowing ourselves to be creative is opening the door to be in full connection with our intuition, our inner guidance and inspiration. It makes our lives rich, brings back natural harmony and restores a sense of equilibrium that is easily lost in our ‘high speed’ world of today. Each and everyone has an innate creative potential that can be fully awakened. We have designed an annual curriculum to do just that. How?


Three Cycles - Cleanse. Crystallise. Create.

The whole set up of 2022 is designed to go through relevant processes step by step. We have grouped those processes in three cycles, cycles that will support the evolution of your consciousness and the expansion of your creativity. We call them cycles because evolution isn’t linear, it moves in cycles. Let’s zoom in a bit deeper into the themes of each cycle so you get to see the bigger picture.


  • Cycle 1 // Cleanse.
    January / February / March / April 2022

In the first four months we set the foundation for the whole year and we work on purifying our body, mind and soul. We kick off the new year by removing inner blocks and attachments to the past that keep us going in loops. In our first Sadhana we zoom into these inner blocks, followed by a thorough subconscious cleanse of the mind in the second Sadhana. This prepares the ground for experiencing more inner peace, our focal point of Sadhana three, followed by a spring detox for our physical bodies, allowing us to release the last residues of the previous work on a physical level.


  • Cycle 2 // Crystallize.
    May/ June / July / August 2022

In the second cycle we are going to release stressful patterns through exploring the stressors in our lives and consciously develop new ways of handling this stress by creating new neural pathways in the brain. This first Sadhana sets the scene for the following step which is a deep surrender to the Universal Intelligence of Life that flows through us, we examine what is holding us back to trust this flow and create a new vision of how we perceive ourselves within the matrix of life. Once we firmly establish ourselves, trusting we are exactly where we are meant to be we fully open ourselves to receive the abundance that is waiting for our embrace.


  • Cycle 3 // Create.
    September / October / November / December 2022

Now that we have cleansed and crystallised ourselves it’s time to fully step into our natural ability to manifest and create. In the three Sadhanas of this Cycle you will work with different techniques to unleash your creative potential and allow it to blossom. The experiences of the previous Sadhanas will support you to consciously co-create the life you are meant to live.


What does this look like on a practical level?

Each month has a specific theme we will focus on through:

A tailor-made yoga & meditation practice
Each month with the New Moon we share a new practice with you, going along with the current theme and tuning into the energy of the moment.

11, 22 or 40 days Sadhana
Each New Moon is a moment to set our intentions together before we start a new Sadhana the next morning. During the period of the Sadhana you will receive a guidance email every morning with inspiration, motivation, teachings and invitations for self-enquiry & self reflection. Besides this daily guidance we will practice a relevant yoga set and/or meditation to support our inner work and our expansion of consciousness.

Each of the Three Cycles comes with an extra online Masterclass. In these 2,5 hour online sessions we share deep practices and teachings that support the integration of the process of each cycle.


Framework for spiritual practice

We have created this framework as a way to support you to prioritise a way of living that holds space for a spiritual practice, a return to oneself on a regular and consistent basis with the sacred techniques of yoga & meditation all throughout the year. It’s about showing up for yourself authentically by embracing all that you are, with the highs and the lows, the good days and the bad days, the full package.


Creative Power

The moment we can hold space for ourselves in this manner nothing can stop the creative power of your innate nature to become your guiding light, because you are the micro of the macro, you are a manifestation of the one Creative Power out of which everything comes into being.


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