The invisible network

Last night we finally watched the documentary ‘Fantastic Fungi’ and in many ways this movie is so inspiring. First and foremost because in a way it's a confirmation of something we all know deep down inside of us: everything is connected even though we cannot see it with our bare eyes. 


The fungi have an underground network that is encompassing our whole planet, every step you take you are actually walking on this life giving and sustaining network. Through this network not only the fungi communicate with each other, also trees and plants use this ‘internet’ for exchanging messages, staying in touch with their kin. Does that sound familiar? The idea that everything is connected to a ‘web of life’ or interconnected through consciousness is the premise of countless spiritual traditions. 


Evolution of the human brain

Also it has been known for people living close to nature for time immemorial that fungi have medicinal properties, not just for physical ailments but also for mental problems. There is even a theory that the evolution of the human brain has speeded up drastically through the consumption of psychedelic mushrooms since this created many new neural connections and thus new levels of perception and understanding. 


New eyes

The fact that our brain has neuroplasticity is something that science is now embracing but is something that has been known to seers, healers and yogis all along. They may not have used these terms but they understood that when a human being enters an altered state of consciousness we are able to see ourselves, the world and the whole of life with ‘new eyes’. 


One big web of consciousness

We are not saying you should now consume psychedelic mushrooms, but what we are saying is that our outerworld is a manifestation of consciousness and that looking closely to the intelligence of nature in our manifest world can be a powerful reminder of the fact that all of us, everything, is part of one big living organism, one big web of consciousness. And that, even though we can’t see it with our bare eyes, just like the underground network of the fungi, there is an ever expanding energetic network out of which everything materializes, just like the mushrooms that seem to pop up out of nowhere. 


Universal Intelligence

We can consciously connect ourselves to this invisible network and consciously experience the interconnectedness of everything, the whole. We can start to understand our true ‘place’ in this incredible manifestation called life and open our eyes to a new experience of reality. We can do this through the power of the tools that are with us at all times: our body, our breath and our voice. Using these tools we can bring ourselves into an altered state of consciousness that allows us to directly feel the ‘web’, the ‘network’, the ‘One’. We can then start to work with the tremendous power of our own mind to manifest a reality that is in alignment with the Universal Intelligence, expressing itself through us.


Online Session - Into the Light

We share a new practice with you in which we will enter the realm that exists before physical manifestation. We will affirm our connection to the web, establish communication that transcends our physical perception and tap into our power as co-creators of a reality that is in alignment with the most primal source of all of existence: love. Together we will journey into the light