Stay healthy during the change of seasons with these yogic tips and tricks


We’re moving into fall. The fall season is an invitation to let go, and this can often come with some feelings of melancholy (or even grief).  A change of season can always trigger some imbalances in the body making you prone to catch a cold or the flu, especially now since the temperatures are dropping, at least on this side of the globe. To support your overall well being in the coming time here are some things we can suggest to incorporate into your daily life. 



The season of Fall in Ayurveda is connected to Vata Dosha, the dosha that is the combination of  Air and Ether. This Dosha is all about movement. Air moves in space, Ether. In Fall we tend to get much more stormy wind that can come from any direction and the air becomes much colder, this impacts the Vata Dosha in our bodies. In Ayurveda it is said that like increases like, thus when Vata is strongly present in our surroundings it will impact the Vata in your body-mind system. When Vata is unbalanced in our system our minds move all over the place, we find it hard to concentrate and we can become prone to the feelings of depression and melancholy more easily. 


Self massage

You can help restore Vata balance through a few easy Ayurvedic guidelines. For example, self massage with warmed sesame oil is really wonderful to restore Vata Balance. Massage yourself from your feet up, massage your belly, your back, and your arms from the hands to the heart. 


Warm, fresh cooked meals

Eat warm, fresh cooked meals, especially foods with a sweet taste like pumpkin or sweet potato. It’s best to avoid raw food and dry and crunchy food. Go for warm, oily and nourishing foods like red lentils, cooked red beets & carrots, hot oatmeal with ayurvedic spices like cardamom & ginger. Here is a yummy recipe for some inspiration: Pumpkin Stew Surinam Style 


Yoga & Meditations 

On our website we share Yoga sets and Meditations that can support you in these transitions. Below we share our suggestions for practice during autumn.

Yoga to boost your energy, immunity & clarity

Also this new sequence is perfect to support your immunity in the coming time. You can practice with the recording on the Livestream Page


Breath as our teacher Sadhana

If you want to dive deep into a pranayama practice to support your lungs we suggest you to follow the ‘Breath as our Teacher’ Sadhana. You will learn all about the ins and outs of one of the most healing practices within the yoga tradition, Pranayama


Clear & focussed Sadhana

If you feel you have a hard time concentrating and your mind is all over the place, support yourself to bring Vata back into balance through the 11 day Sadhana ‘Clear & Focussed’. You will be handed 11 meditation techniques that specifically help you to zoom back in and concentrate scattered awareness


Transition - Masterclass 

This two hour Masterclass is a yoga ceremony to honor the moments of transition we all encounter in our human lives. It supports us going through the transitioning process, consciously creating the space to release heavy emotions, digest experiences and integrate the essence to take with us as we continue on our path of life.