Super potent new moon solar eclipse

The New Moon in June goes hand in hand with a Solar Eclipse meaning this month's new moon is a super potent one. As always new moons are the best time to set intentions and start something new, but because of the amplifying energy of the Solar Eclipse your intention will be supercharged and the energetic effects will ripple through your life for the coming six months. 


Reflect back

Therefore it’s wise to carve out some time today and tomorrow to reflect back upon the first six months of this year and focus on the quality of your thoughts and actions. Not in a judgemental way but in a kind a compassionate manner, taking into consideration that your thoughts and actions in the past have given direction and form to where you find yourself right now. What have you learned and understood in the past six months, which insights, which realizations have come to you? 


Look ahead

Then look ahead and ask yourself: what seeds do you wish to plant right now that can start to take root and grow in the second half of this year? What do you wish to direct the power of your attention to so that you can channel your energy towards something you long to manifest in your life. And how can the lessons you have learned up till now support you with that. If you like, write these things down in your notebook, this will help to bring it down into the manifest. 


Be present as a co-creator

The next thing is to be patient and honor the process, trees don’t grow overnight, a flower doesn’t bloom within a day. They need time, water, sunlight and fresh air. Same goes for your ‘seeds’. Cherish those seeds in your heart, nourish them with loving attention, giving them the energy they need to grow and give them enough air so they have the space required to grow the way they wish to manifest. In other words, train your capacity to be present as a co-creator, eyes and heart wide open to notice the signs along the way giving you information and guidance on how to proceed towards the manifestation of your wish. 


New Moon Solar Eclipse session

In the New Moon Solar Eclipse session we will offer you a practice to support you with this, bringing you into a high vibration, creating the space and the openness for you to show up for this process. We’ll move and breathe and we’ll tap into the power of our breath to hold space for our ‘seeds’ to grow, moving beyond the ego that pushes us to act prematurely.