Solar Eclipse & stepping out of old paradigms

We’re heading towards the Summer Solstice, marking the longest day of the year and this means we are already almost half way through 2021, wow! Time flies by so fast and this is why it’s great to mark specific moments every now and then to check in with yourself and reflect upon how you are surfing the waves of time through space.


Are you consciously ‘using’ your time and energy to manifest those things you long to experience or create? Or are you watching time go by, waiting for the ‘right moment’ to act?


Conscious participation towards effortless being

Life is a gracious balance between these two, consciously manifesting and patience to let the seeds grow, knowing when to act and when to stay put. There is a right time for everything, as the saying goes and it’s a great help to be in-tune with your intuition to feel what is necessary at that specific time. Your spiritual practice is a wonderful way to strengthen your intuition so that it can guide you on your way, less confined by limiting beliefs that trigger fear to act, less influenced by the ego that wants to push, succeed and impress at all costs. We show up, in the moment, trusting that what needs to be done will become evident to us, and at the same time we answer the call of the longing of our soul, creating the circumstances that make us feel fulfilled and at peace. We then move beyond the point where we feel life is just happening ‘to us’ and experience life is moving ‘through us’. In a way it becomes effortless, but it does require our conscious participation and willingness to step out of the old paradigms, old ways of being and conditions of ‘how things should be done’ or ‘how life should be’.


New Moon & Solar Eclipse coming up

New Moons are always good points in time for new beginnings and when there is a solar eclipse this energy is amplified. New beginnings also imply leaving behind ‘old ways’ of being and doing, a letting go to make room for something new. Sometimes this ‘new’ is very clear, at other times not at all. Sometimes, although we can sense the unknown ‘new’ knocking on our door, this can feel like an ‘in-between' state. Our minds tend to translate this into ‘feeling stuck’ or ‘feeling lost’ because well, our minds like to know what to do next. Giving in to this tendency we might rush ahead, pushing through while actually what we really need is to sit with the discomfort of ‘not knowing’. Holding space gracefully for these feelings so that the past can really be healed and through this process can become an actual guide instead of something we wish to avoid. 

Avoidance usually leads us to recreating the same situations because we haven’t yet integrated the essence of the experiences we made. Integration requires time and patience and a willingness to be totally present with all that arises from the depth of our being to be felt, digested and assimilated. We then remain with the essence and the unnecessary residues can be released. Just like after eating a meal it’s not beneficial for your digestion to jump around or go for a run, likewise if we wish to integrate the essence of the past, then we need to honor the required time to truly let go. 


New Moon Solar Eclipse Session - The Medicine of Breath

Energetically this process of acceptance and letting go is related to our Lungs and Large Intestines and one of the most powerful and healing ways to support this process is the practice of Pranayama. We are sharing a new practice  with you that balances the energies of receiving (Prana) and letting go (Apana), opening the lungs to let go of stagnant energy and stored emotions, increasing your vitality and energy to show up authentically in the moment, building your stamina to stay put and release what you no longer need, even if you do not know ‘what’s next’.

Besides asana and movement there will be an emphasis on working with the breath as our most direct healing and transformational medicine.