Mantra to tap into the field of all possibilities - Om Bhavam Namah

When we can acknowledge ourselves as pure existence, part of an undividable whole this means we learn to embrace the ⁠full package, we encompass the full spectrum of being. ⁠⁠

This recognition, holding the polarities, helps us to approach life with an open heart, a heart that does not exclude anyone or anybody. We consciously feel that we are all part of one big web of life, any movement anywhere impacts the whole web. ⁠⁠


Om Bhavam Namah⁠⁠

⁠⁠I am absolute existence.
I am a field of all possibilities. ⁠⁠


Everything we heal within ourselves impacts this collective web. Every beautiful dream we hold in our hearts adds to this collective web. The potential of each and every one of us matters. ⁠⁠Let's dream a dream for our planet together, a destiny for humanity filled with inclusion, equality, justice, empathy, joy and love. ⁠⁠


Full Moon Eclipse Session

Marieke composed a new melody for this beautiful mantra, we will chant it together during the Full Moon Eclipse Session, together we will add a strong intention to the collective web of life we are all part of. ⁠⁠Before the mantra meditation we will do a newly composed Kundalini Sequence tuning into the four directions and the four elements, this session will be like a yoga ceremony to pass through the portal of this Eclipse.⁠⁠

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Afterwards you will receive the recording, so register even if you can't join live.