Four directions - how to navigate this full moon eclipse

Full Moon eclipses can be regarded as portals, offering us a gateway to set our course consciously. Choices we make in the present are mostly coming from experiences we have made in the past. Therefore it is useful to pay close attention to how the past is showing up in your life right now. If we can look closely at past experiences and gain deeper understanding at what these events have brought us they can offer us tremendous guidance in how to proceed. 


So direction is important at this time. Not just looking ahead, but also acknowledging what lies behind us as a way to incorporate the lessons. It’s interesting to note that the idea we hold about the future lying ahead of us and the past behind us is not a vision shared by all people on this globe. The Aymara tribe from South America for example consider the past to be in front of us, it’s what is known, it’s what you can see. The future however is unknown, we can’t see it, so they refer to it as being behind us. If you think of it, it totally makes sense, also considering how past experiences ‘color’ how we perceive the world, we project the past on the world around us and this impacts our interpretation a great lot! 


Another beautiful wise lesson can be learned about how they speak about events, clearly indicating whether they have witnessed something with their own eyes or whether they received this information via ‘hear say’. In our lives nowadays, with so much information coming towards us this would be a great thing to keep in mind, information is passed on and most of what we see, hear and read was not experienced directly by ourselves. 


Finding your centre

This doesn’t mean we need to become skeptical about everything but it’s healthy to consider this way of viewing events we have not witnessed with our own eyes. Especially now, with this Full Moon in Sagittarius, which is all about uncovering the truth, let’s practice this way of receiving information, not taking everything at face value, but checking in with ourselves and feel in which direction this information is pulling you. Is it pulling you out of your centre, creating disturbances in your mind and body? Then try to find a way to centre yourself again and bring back the clear distinction or discrimination (Viveka) whether you can know this to be 100% true or not. When we are centered we can consciously choose our direction, when we can see our stories from the past right in front of our eyes we can start to dream another future into being. 


Online Session - Tapping into the Collective Web of Life

In this Kundalini Session we work with the four directions (East, West, North, South) to find our centre. We connect to the four elements (Air, Fire, Earth and Water) present within Space (Ether), allowing the past to revisit us to show what can be learned or released and we will strengthen our courage, making our hearts feel protected and embraced. The aim of this session is to feel full of trust, dreaming a beautiful future ‘behind us’. 

Together we will open the Sacred Space tapping into the web of life, the web we are all connected to, that holds all our collective stories. We will offer our practice to bring healing into this web and also offer our intentions and dreams for a future of the planet, our home, in which humanity will again understand the interconnectedness of everything, to help restore the balance. 




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