From 'deep fake' to inner truth - Full moon in Scorpio

In times of turmoil it can really help to look back at history and realize that actually the human species has been evolving from crisis to crisis and somehow always finds their way through. Looking at history we can see that at times of big change people have always been reluctant, hesitant, sceptic and resistant. When there is unbalance, just like in nature, the universal laws come into play to restore balance and this doesn’t always come easy.


Deep fake

Right now, besides the pandemic, we are facing a moment in our history where the effects of decennia of boundless use of the natural resources of the planet are catching up with us. We are facing the fact that the technology that has been developed over the past decades is developing at a speed that we have never ever experienced before. It’s not developing in a linear way, it’s growing exponentially. Just like anything technology can be used for the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’. It can save lives but it can also totally disrupt our sense of reality, looking at the current new trend of ‘deep fake’ for example. It seems that being able to discern real and unreal, with the current technological development, is almost becoming impossible. Sounds very scary, right?


Core teachings

Let’s take a look back in history, and specifically the history of spiritual teachings and traditions. If you have dived into Yoga philosophy, Vedanta or Buddhism for example there are a few core teachings that still stand true today, showing us that yes, the circumstances may have changed, but as conscious human beings, able to be aware of ourselves, we are still facing the same challenges. In many scriptures the ‘world’ is denoted as illusion (maya), not so much the 3D world, but all the projections that are constructing the world as we know and believe to be true. These scriptures remind us that these are all mind constructs and not an objective reality in their own right.

The premise of the Yoga Sutras is actually that as a human being we need to realize that the world around is a manifestation of natural forces (Rajas, Sattva, Tamas) that will always play their part, we cannot change these universal forces, the only thing we can do is deeply investigate how these forces affect our perception and realize that this play is not who we are in essence, in essence we are the witnessing consciousness. In other words the Sutras are teaching us to stop taking it personally. The Buddhist tradition is focussed on liberating oneself out of the vicious circle of suffering by realizing one’s own True Nature.


Global scale

Illusion, suffering, power constructs rising and falling, it has all been around for ages and still we are invited by life to somehow navigate our way through. These traditions arose within specific times in our evolution as human species and besides containing pointers and wisdom that stand the test of time, they were also responding to social developments that were taking place at that time. A big difference right now of course is the speed and the global scale on which the unfolding of events is happening, this is a new development and we need to adapt and find ways to safeguard our mental and spiritual health and sanity, since in these times it’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed.

The solution is not to become indifferent and to ignore everything that is happening around you, the world needs people that pay attention and raise their voice when needed. However we do need to be very aware how easily our attention and energy can be lost to the world, leaving us feeling drained, powerless and exhausted, our vital life force gets dispersed resulting in being dispersed in our minds, not feeling safe and at home in our bodies anymore.


Inner work

Your body is the vessel for your spiritual essence, which goes by many names in many different traditions, and the best way to ride the waves of the ocean of life, is to make sure you are grounded in your body, anchored within yourself, offering a safe haven for your own being. What we see happening now is that worldly events trigger loads of trauma to come to the surface and unprocessed emotions are taking the lead, giving rise to a strong sentiment of division in our societies. As the Yoga Sutras have outlined centuries ago, the forces at play in the world around us, also are manifest within ourselves. We can’t, all by ourselves, change these forces outside of us, but we can however do our share of the work, the inner work. We can show up for ourselves so we can show up for the world from a place of wholeness, empathy and authenticity. Then we can go beyond pointing fingers, blaming and shaming and realize that, yes, the world is a reflection of mind constructs and we do have the power to start building a world that is reflecting inclusion, caring, sustainability and health.



Where to start? Let’s start with us. Let’s welcome all the feelings, emotions, pain, frustration, anger, sadness, whatever it is that needs to be felt. Let’s let these feelings know we can hold space for them and acknowledge them. When we stop fighting and resisting but instead learn to lean into them, they can become an enormous source of strength that supports us and can be a massive catalyst for change. In other words, we surrender. Surrendering is not an act of weakness, it’s an act of courage that brings you home in your heart, connecting you with your inner teacher and healer.


Soul energy

On Tuesday evening there is a Super Moon in Scorpio. This Zodiac sign is connected to the water element. The water element is connected to our Soul. Our Soul is here on earth to express itself through our bodies, to speak through our voice, each and everyone of us in their own unique way. When we can offer our Soul a warm and cozy home, meaning we dare to do the inner work in letting go through surrendering, this Soul energy can flow freely and give us all the strength we need. Interestingly enough, for this energy to liberate itself we need to put some effort in, to break through the resistance. The energy that is at the core of this effort is your Soul energy, also called the Kundalini. When she flows, we can enter a different state of awareness that is less and less entangled in mind constructs that no longer serve us.


If you would like to bring this into practice, join us in this Masterclass - Surrender. We have created a sequence to find the balance between effort and surrender, stillness and movement, releasing and containing, opening the space for grace. This two hour session is part of the Master Plan, but we would like to offer all those who wish to join the possibility to practice and meditate.