Holding space for our emotions - New Moon in Aries

It’s New Moon in Aries and this brings along a good dose of fiery energy that can trigger us in many ways. Issues revolving around power structures and control will play out on a personal and collective level. We are being invited to investigate how we respond to such matters and try and find a mature way to handle the emotions this might bring up.


Although we may not be aware of it, many of our emotions and behaviour stem from old pain, wounds and trauma that we have not yet resolved. The moment these patterns get triggered they can take over and pull us into a fight-flight mode that impacts our thinking and the way we perceive the world, diminishing the wider perspective into a black and white picture, stereotypes, and good vs. bad. If we stay in this action-reaction loop we will not progress much, we rather keep repeating the same patterns, pointing fingers at others without resolving what is going on inside of ourselves.



We can never force anyone else to change, change and transformation is an intrinsic process that needs to come from within the individual and often this process begins at the moment we are really fed up with feeling angry, sad, hurt or powerless. Feeling these feelings without finding a way to overcome them can lead to depression and depression is actually nothing else than a cry from your soul to start healing your deepest wounds. Leonard Cohen has sung about this:

"There is a crack in everything that’s where the light comes in."

Or, as Rumi put it:

"The wound is the place where the light enters you."

We start to realise that to truly overcome these emotions an outside solution will never do the job, it’s an inside job indeed. And this where yoga and meditation are our allies, the powerful tools we can use to make that inner journey into ourselves. Yoga helps to embrace each and every part of ourself and release (century) old pain, trauma and grief that is stored in our bodies. Meditation helps us to observe the Samskaras, the imprints in the mind that are on repeat, and thus supports us to elevate ourselves out of these grooves.


Shift in consciousness

It’s not easy, but in our opinion it’s one of the only ways for the necessary shift in consciousness that our world so desperately needs to help us transform systems that are detrimental for all life on our beautiful planet. When we can shift out of fear and reactiveness we can fall back into love and creativity, we can start to envision new possibilities, new ways of living together that do not deplete Mother Earth, no longer seeing ourselves as separate from the ecosystem but rather start to understand our position as temporary caretakers, not the owners.


Everyone matters

When we feel deeply connected to ourselves, feeling the intrinsic connection to the bigger whole is a natural consequence and there will be no way in the world that we will tolerate a system that is based on the suffering of the many for the benefit of the few. We will live and breathe the truth of the matter: we are all in this together as one and each and every part of the whole matters. If we each take our responsibility to heal ourselves we can heal the world and transcend old structures that no longer serve humanity, the animal kingdom and the planet. Please don’t underestimate your part.


Online Session

We have created a Yoga sequence as an offering to hold space for our thoughts and emotions so they can move, be seen and felt, can transform and be released. We’ll do an asana sequence to arrive in our bodies, get the prana flowing to prepare ourselves for meditation. There will be a guided body scan to deeply get in touch with all that is present within you right now, we’ll chant a beautiful mantra to call upon our higher self to guide us towards our True Self and we’ll sit in silent meditation to clear ourselves from within.You can start this Online session - Holding Space anytime.




Know Thyself & be you Sadhana - 11 day Sadhana

You can also do the 11 day Sadhana ‘Know thyself & be you’ with this sequence. The daily guidance emails are tapping into the ancient wisdom teachings of yoga to support our process of deep self study (Svadyaya), setting ourselves free from the past by embracing all that is present in the here and now. Let’s practice together in these times of uncertainty and division, let’s practice and chant, connecting to our humanity and divinity together.