Be a creator of time

Taking good care of ourselves is fundamental for our physical, mental and emotional health. Somehow we all know this, but still for many of us it can be challenging to make self care an essential part of our daily routine because of all the other things that demand our attention.


There’s a job, a family, a household, friends, projects, etc. and before you know it another day has gone by in which you have spent a lot of time and energy taking care of loads of stuff except for yourself.


What’s going on beneath the surface

Self care is not just about eating healthy and taking care of your physical body through exercise, a very important part of self care is giving yourself the time to DO NOTHING and relax. When we do no-thing we can start to digest and feel what’s going on beneath the surface. This kind of digestion is just as important as the digestion of your food. We can all agree that indigestion is really uncomfortable, same goes for undigested emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Think of it this way: When you feel you are satisfied with food you stop eating otherwise you feel stuffed and uncomfortable. Our body is giving us a clear signal that we have had enough, a signal we can physically identify. But what about ‘stuffing’ yourself with impressions, information, emotions and continuous activity or experience? Can you also identify the moment it’s time to pause that kind of intake for a while and give yourself the opportunity to ‘digest’ and let go?


Having time vs. creating time

Doing nothing is something many people struggle with or don’t create time for in their busy schedules. The word ‘create’ is essential here. It’s easy to say: I don’t have the time for that. This thought deserves some closer investigation. Is it really true you don’t have time? Or do you not create the time? Can you feel the difference between these two sentences:

  • I don’t have the time to relax
  • I am going to create the time to relax

In the first sentence you are positioning yourself as unable to do something about the situation, in the second one you take the responsibility to create this time for yourself. It can be very compelling to believe you really don’t have the time and as such perpetuate the situation in which there is no time to be found for stepping out of the daily stream of activities and obligations. The moment you start to investigate into this you might start to discover some really deep seated beliefs and ideas that have kept you busy for a long time.


What is more powerful

We are offering a Detox Sadhana which in a way you could consider as yet another thing to do. But we would like to approach it as a way to break through the patterns that have installed themselves into our daily lives that can be experienced as ‘It’s just the way it is’. It’s a moment of deep introspection and not doing things the way you are used to can bring a lot of stuff up to the surface. Physical, mental and emotional stuff. Stuff that has been stored for a long time but we were too busy to attend to.

Changing your daily routine can be life changing as it can make you aware where you are at at this point in your life. In that sense it can be quite confronting but also very liberating. You get to decide again. What is more powerful? Your old habits, ideas, beliefs or you yourself?


Healing & transformation

In this Detox Sadhana we are creating time to take care of ourselves, even if you think you don’t have the time. The moment you decide to create it, time will be experienced in a different way. You will make the time to prepare completely fresh nourishing meals, you will make the time to dedicate to your spiritual practice, you will make the time to just relax. You decide.

The moment you start the Detox Sadhana we send you the first preparation email. The first four days are focussed on getting you ready and prepared to start the actual Detox on day 5. We’ll take it step by step, creating the time to prioritise our self care, healing and transformation.