Matangi mudra - Mudra of will


In the yoga sequence 'Centering yourself in Truth' we have incorporated the Mudra of Will. This mudra is a variation of Matangi Mudra, a mudra that activates the Manipura Chakra. ⁠

How does this Mudra help to speak your truth?

This mudra helps you to connect to the transformational power of the third energy centre, the fire element. The third chakra is the centre of will. Connecting to this chakra supports you to connect to your will. ⁠When you can connect to your will and feel it, you can start to embody it, feel it, speak it and live it. ⁠


Fire element

⁠By bringing the hands in a triangle shape, the fire element is invoked even more. The triangle represents the fire element. Fire purifies. With this mudra you burn away your confusion and doubt, allowing you to know your truth and speak it with clarity.⁠


Stability & Strengths

⁠By opening the hands there is some extra pressure on the tips of the middle fingers. The middle fingers are related to the planet Saturn and this activation brings in the energy of stability and strength. ⁠This mudra strengthens you at all levels, so you can speak your truth with confidence. ⁠


Practice this mudra

Want to give this Mudra a try? Check our yoga sequence on the Livestream Page.


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