Kundalini Energy is the Goddess Power related to the number 8


In preparation for the New Moon practice we are researching the significance of the number 𝟴 since we have chosen to incorporate two different '𝟴 stroke' breathing techniques and a mantra that works with an 𝟴 beat rhythm. Wow, when you enter into this kind of research there is so much to discover, we are happy to share some interesting findings with you here...⁠

The Air Element and Prana

In Sacred Geometry the Octahedron, two 4 sided pyramids on top each other (see image), with 𝟴 sides in total, represents the air element. Air is the carrier of Prana, the vital Life Force energy. There is an infinite amount of Prana and energy can never be destroyed, it can only change shape, energy is infinite. The infinity symbol is an 𝟴 on it's side ∞⁠


Goddes Power

Kundalini energy is also called the Goddess power and when you look at the Yantras, geometrical depictions, of the Tantric Goddesses you find that they all have 8 lotus petals placed on them. The 𝟴 lotus petals represent Prakriti, the cause of the manifesting universe. Prakriti is Mother Nature, a feminine, creative energy, the origin of all manifestations as name, form, quality, energy and action.

The 𝟴 lotus petals refer to the 𝟴 principles (tattvas) of Prakriti, the eight elements of nature: earth, water, fire, air, ether, the lower mind, the higher mind, and the ego.⁠



Spiritually the number 𝟴 is seen as an equalizer or balancer which is reflected in its shape. Balance is also of key importance when working with Kundalini energy, the elements and our minds need to be balanced in order to access this divine feminine energy.



We feel an 𝟴 stroke breath or an 𝟴 beat mantra can function like keys to tap into the cosmic pulse of 𝟴 connected to Kundalini Shakti and in combination with our effort and devotion they can support the awakening of our True potential.


Make your own experience 

In the 22 day Speak your Truth Sadhana we share a practice in which we will use asana, breath, rhythm and mudra to tap into these sacred shapes within our energy field, creating the space to travel deeply inwards, connecting to our inner truth inside the heart.

Speak your truth

We also look into the power of words and mantra. We become aware of how we create our lives through what we say.⁠ Words are like seeds you plant in the present moment that will eventually become your future. Is what you say truly what you want to put out there? The offered guidance will help you to bring forth the required dedication and inner work, as you commit to a daily practice for 22 days. The self reflection & contemplation in combination with asana, breath and mantra will help you to manifest consciously with your words. ⁠


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