Registration for the Master Plan 2021

This is your chance to embark on a spiritual journey towards the ‘Essence of Yoga’, exploring and living the Eight-fold Path of Yoga in the coming year. ⁠

What is the Master Plan 2021 all about?

With the Eight Limbs of Yoga as our compass we will navigate 2021 discovering the ‘Essence of Yoga’ as a way to live in alignment with our True Self. It’s fair to say that the teachings of the Yoga Sutras can be considered as a blueprint to help us advance on our path of spiritual evolution. Even though this major work on yoga is about 2000 years old it still guides us towards a life with purpose and meaning.⁠

Four Pillars of Support

We have created a beautiful program around what we call the ‘Four Pillars of Support’ - Lifestyle, Practice, Mind and Realisation - in which we will discover all of the Eight Limbs in a very practical manner. The guidance of the Master Plan is presented to you through guided Sadhanas (yoga practice and guidance emails), special Masterclasses and monthly livestreams on the eve of the New Moon. ⁠

Ancient wisdom - modern approach 

The Master Plan 2021 is designed to offer you a red thread of continuous support, focus and motivation throughout the year. Step by step and day by day we explore, practice and grow together. The combination of ancient yogic wisdom, practice, self-reflection and a modern day approach makes sure you truly get to reap the benefits of your commitment, integrating the effects in your daily life. ⁠

The Master Plan - The essence of Yoga 

The annual curriculum will guide you towards experiencing more inner peace, harmony and joy within yourself. If that sounds like a plan to you, you are most welcome to hop on board of the program and take off into 2021 together with us! ⁠


Registration for the Master Plan 2021 is only open for a limited amount of time. This is the only moment of the year to enrol for the full program.