A turning point in the darkness

On this side of the globe the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. As we move along with this rhythm, it enhances a desire to contain our energy more and direct our focus inward. At the same time our minds can tell us that this is not very practical, because we are taking it slow and won’t get things done as quickly as we are used to, but that is okay for now.


From the minds perspective we need to be outgoing, present, interacting, etc. In other words we need to play our part in a structure perceived as being the best way to act to keep things in the right order. But for us personally the desire to go within is stronger than maintaining a rational structure; which makes us less active and more quiet at the moment, our main focus lies within the Kundalini Shakti 40 day Sadhana which is a profound proces. 

Natural rhythm

Of course the nagging voice of the mind is still there every now and then, but the sense of trust that everything is unfolding as it should is much stronger. We are holding space by simply being ourselves, trusting that this is enough and that when there is something that needs to be done, it will present itself and we can act accordingly. In this way we honour the natural cycle of life in which different aspects of being alternate remain in balance, just as the seasons, days and nights. When we tune into this natural alternation we connect deeper to the natural rhythm of life and we find more balance and harmony in our being. 

System & structure

In our world rest and retreat have moved to the background in a 24/7 society that is mainly focussed on activity, achieving and continuous stimulation which can result in an artificial way of life that alienates us further from our natural state of being and where we start to become more and more dependent on artificial support to keep us going. This system may benefit some people on the superficial level of existence, but it’s not a system that supports simply resting in your essence. Rather it’s a system that keeps us trapped in the rat race of the society we created together. If anything, this is a great insight which the current pandemic is awakening in many people, because when you are forced to stop you finally have the time to look around you and ask yourself some essential questions.

Do we really want to sustain a structure, a way of living, that is not sustaining us and neither the earth?



Winter Solstice & Great Conjunction

Next week Monday the 21st of December it is Winter Solstice, a turning point in the yearly cycle of life in which the light will start to re-emerge out of the longest and darkest night of the year. On top of that there is a rare planetary occurrence, the Great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter and Saturn are the two great teachers of our solar systems and this momentous collision of Jupiter + Saturn energies will help us to create the necessary dynamics for developing a new kind of structure or framework to enlarge our life, stepping out of the ‘old mold’ that is not sustaining anymore.  

Kundalini Shakti Masterclass 

Since this is an auspicious moment and we feel a deep inner call to share this moment with you, we have decided to open up the upcoming ‘Kundalini Shakti Masterclass’. Instead of just Master Plan members being able to join this session we want to invite each of you that feels the pull to practice and meditate with us on the evening of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction this Winter Solstice. 

We will be live-streaming on Monday evening the 21st of december from 7 - 9 PM CET and if you can’t make it or you’re in a different timezone, no worries, you can watch the replay at a time that suits you best. Like we said, normally Masterclasses are not available outside of the Master Plan but we feel we need to make an exception for this one. 

Registration is open as of now