What is Kundalini energy?

We are looking for her throughout the times, in different cultures, different lineages and in different approaches: Kundalini Energy (Shakti). Who is she and what is it referring to? This question did put us on a learning journey in which we had to let go preconceived ideas and what we have learned before, or have accepted as reality.

We feel the desire to understand more about Kundalini Shakti in a broader context, learn how to personally relate to her and how to experience her presence.
It sometimes takes days of research, reading, reflecting, digesting, writing and of course practice to write one single guidance email for the Sadhanas we are sharing in our School. We take it step by step, so it remains digestible, and we don’t feel overwhelmed or incapable of grasping the essence of the teachings. The creation of the 40 day Kundalini Shakti Sadhana really felt like an initiation for us.


Beginner's mind

Essential in this approach is to embrace the beginner's mind; we approach the different theories with an open heart and mind. This doesn’t mean we need to accept everything that is shared as a ‘truth that is carved in stone’, rather we allow new information in, receive it, sit with it, digest it and reflect upon it. Here and there this may bring up some resistance, but resistance is part of our process of growing and expanding as we gently push against assumptions, concepts, perceptions that maybe we can now let go of, transform or transcend in order to advance in our spiritual growth. We use our critical or analytical mind and explore, experience, take what feels right and let go of what doesn’t resonate.



For us, the topic of Kundalini Shakti is an adventurous exploration in a huge treasure chest full of knowledge. And we try to approach this ‘quest’ with the beginner's mind as much as we can to allow us to discover ‘new’ things within ourselves. As such this is an example of how we long to proceed with the discovery of the essence of Kundalini Yoga and how we can share this yoga practice. This year was a deep inner confirmation that Kundalini Yoga is not bound to one single approach, but actually this beautiful and primal energy, the Kundalini Shakti, is waiting to be embraced by all those who wish to allow her into their lives, regardless of the exact method. She is not bound by form but longs to express herself through form as she is the foundation of all creation.


It’s in your DNA

This doesn’t mean that we don’t need form, we do, but since we exist in a world of forms we can also use form to transcend it; and many traditions have shared knowledge on this topic. But the beauty is that this knowledge already exists within, it’s part of your DNA. How do we know this? Well, simply because of the fact you couldn’t exist without it. What has already become very clear to us is that the Kundalini Shakti is such an essential part of who we are, we could not exist without her, none of us. Therefore deep within us, we already know her. We have known her all along.


No need to become perfect

When we open ourselves to the idea, to the possibility that actually living in an awakened state is not something special or only available to the chosen few, we can start to live this reality. To do this we have to let go of the assumption that we need to become perfect or that we have to become somebody else, change our personality, or that it will take forever to accomplish. It’s actually these ideas that withhold us from living in our true essence. So rather than trying to change this or that, we let go of the idea that we need to change, we let go of all the ideas we impose on ourselves about ourselves. That is liberation and transcendence of the ego. When we peel off all these layers our most primordial Self will be our reality.


The ‘work’

This will require the necessary dedication and willingness to do the inner-work. Not because your true essence needs work in order to shine forth, but rather the old impressions, patterns, ideas and beliefs we have held to be true for so long are rather stubborn and the ego will most probably not surrender them in just a flash. The ‘work’ is a continuous redirection of your most powerful tool, your attention and this is where your spiritual practice steps in. Your spiritual practice is actually nothing else but a continuous practice in redirecting your attention towards your essential Self.



Somedays this feels utterly blissful and some days, when the ego brings up all kinds of resistances to try and sway you off, it can feel horrible. The trick is not to become attached by any of those ‘results’ and to keep reminding oneself there is nowhere to arrive, there is only the need to remember. Over time your continuous effort and your conscious choice on where you place your attention will create new ‘imprints’ or Samskaras that will become more prevalent on the forefront of your consciousness rather than the old limiting beliefs. And this is change, this is transformation, this is liberation.


Kundalini Shakti Sadhana

It’s our intention to keep doing the ‘work’ with a deep sense of gratitude and steadfast dedication and if you feel called to do the same you are invited to join us. Through sharing the Kundalini Shakti Sadhana, but also the other offered content we hope to ‘enlighten’ you one way or another and to help you remember who you truly are. This remembrance is the ultimate purpose of life. It’s our most important quest and so many before us have embarked on this path of inner discovery. Let us follow in their footsteps and see what it can teach us.


Inner Quest

You are most welcome to embark on this 40 days of inner discovery and join us on this journey: