Lifting the Veil

As you know this year (2020) has been (and is) quite challenging. All of a sudden things we had embraced as ‘our way of living’ aren’t the same as before. This at times can feel really unsettling and it is interesting to notice what happens when we allow our minds to be in charge of the narrative. Ultimately, to not get lost in the maze of the mind, because the stories can be flipped in so many ways, it is required to go back to the essence.


Taking a step back and putting yourself in ‘witness mode’ is a very healthy thing to do to not lose perspective of the bigger picture, this is one of the reasons why we practice meditation. This practice is your preparation to bring this ‘into practice’ in your daily life, because life will surely present you many occasions to do so. When we take this step back we can come to see that what is most challenging in unsettling times is ‘dealing’ with our emotional response. When everything in our life is going according to our plan, when we are healthy, when we have a sense of where we’re heading, when we do what we love, when we are with the ones we love, etc, we feel emotions we have come to know as ‘positive’ and these kind of emotions most of us easily accept into our lives.


Deeper reflection

On the other hand, when we face a time of hardship, loss or uncertainty, we experience emotions that we rather reject or deny, they make us feel uncomfortable and they are labeled as ‘negative’. Instead of being at ease with what we feel, we rather move away from what we feel, which gives rise to more tension and struggle. It’s really interesting to reflect much deeper into this:


  • Why do we find it hard to feel uncomfortable feelings?
  • Why do we feel the need to judge our emotions?
  • Why can’t we just embrace them as being part of life, without any label?


Our answers

It’s these kinds of questions that urged the young prince Siddhartha on his quest for answers which ultimately led him to enlightenment and becoming the Buddha about 2500 years ago.
Times may have changed radically since the Buddha and radical change is what marks the age we live in, but the essential questions remain the same. Many teachers all over the world in different eras, from different cultural backgrounds or religions have shared on how to approach these essential elements of our human existence but at the end of the day the answers have to arise within ourselves, they need to become our answers, in other words our own realisation. That is what truly sets us free.



Kundalini Yoga Session (video) - Lifting the Veil


This Kundalini Yoga Video taps into the aspect of opening the 'inner vision' to receive guidance from within. Together we lift the veil of illusion that obscures our perception of reality. You are most welcome to practice with us in this 1,5 hours Kundalini Yoga Session (video) in which we work with Kundalini techniques to perceive with your 'inner eye' , activate the pineal gland and open up for (inner) guidance.

Online Session
Duration: 90 - 120 minutes