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The wheel of life keeps on turning. Sometimes we’re up, sometimes we’re low, sometimes we struggle, sometimes we flow. In and of itself this is simply how life unfolds, alternating between wondrous and magnificent moments and gut wrenching hard times. As human beings we constantly try to balance ourselves between these polarities and the biggest lesson for most of us seems to be: stop trying to resist change, because when we do it gives rise to suffering.

Change, as we all know is inevitable, furthermore change is the foundation for existence to exist in the first place, without it nothing could come into being, nothing could evolve, grow or transform. Isn’t that something to reflect upon for a while? That which makes our existence possible is often also that which frightens us most. This all the more shows us how existential change is.


Essence of meditation

Coming back to the metaphor of life being a wheel that keeps on turning, representing the ongoing changes, if we would turn our attention to the center part of the wheel, around which the wheel turns, we would find the core that is constant. It’s towards this core that we redirect our attention during our spiritual practice.

Instead of going out with the mind following all the constant changes in the world around us that may cause us to worry, to become angry or upset or anxious, we practice to rest our attention in the core of our being from which we can observe and witness without getting overly involved. In essence this is what meditation is, returning the attention within again and again so that we can rest inside our core, the unchanging consciousness that is not bound to time, space and form.


Rest in your core

As we are currently going through major changes on a world wide scale the need for a steady practice that allows you to rest in your own core becomes even more important, in our opinion at least. This allows us to stay calm, centered and heart based. On a physical level it gives our nervous systems a well deserved break and chance to self regulate which helps to prevent us from becoming reactive and unconscious, acting out stored patterns instead of responding from our hearts.

Suggestions for practice

On the Free Video page of the website you can find a few free videos that help you to centre yourself in your heart. If you do have more time there are several full length sets from the Video Page we feel are extra beneficial right now:

If you can practice any of those sets a couple of times a week followed by a warm, long and cozy relaxation and possibly a meditation you will do yourself, your body and your mind a huge favour. Go within and feel what it is you need right now and give yourself this time as an act of self love, not because you must, but because you care about your own well being.