The beauty of practice

For three days we are diving deep into the practice of asana with Marieke's first yoga teacher. She is guiding us deep into the specific working of an asana and guiding us to fully allow the deep effect of the posture. It is a different approach than Kundalini Yoga but at the same time we experience the similarity, which is that the effect of a posture, a mudra, a breath or mantra can fully come alive when we are opening ourselves to the experience it can give us. This can happen if we are willing not ‘walk away’ from the discomfort that can arise. 

It’s not about how far you reach

The discomfort that we feel in essence is merely a reflection of what is being ‘stored’ in the body. Of course we do not refer here to pushing your body into a posture you are not ready to do, that has nothing to do with it. Actually it doesn’t matter how ‘far’ you reach or go into the posture, even if you just go into it a little bit it’s already happening, here you can encounter and experience everything you are invited to embrace at this point in your life. 

A movement towards liberation

This can feel painful or emotional, but the release of energy, because at the end of the day that is what happens, will set in motion a movement towards your liberation. Once you decide to practice your asanas with the intention to liberate yourself from your past, from your feelings of guilt, shame, unworthiness, depression, negativity, anger, whatever it is, your liberation has begun. The asanas will merely support you in releasing everything that no longer serves you, what is holding you back or limiting you. You will feel it, but the moment you can totally allow the feeling it will disappear and you will become, quite literally, much lighter since you're shedding the layers that dim your light. 

The practice as a tool

It’s exactly this process we experience also when we practice Kundalini Yoga. Although the practice may seem different, we can approach it with the same intention and when we are committed to that, anything can happen. The practice in that sense is a tool, not the goal, to help us fully surrender to whatever needs to happen in the moment, a way to meet what needs to be embraced, realized or let go of. 


Kundalini energy

This beautiful process of what we would call ‘learning to unlearn’ is what makes us keep coming back to our yoga mat, it brings us to stillness, to inner peace, to joy, to release, to the realization that we really don’t need anything to feel fulfilled, it allows us to fully surrender in the endless ocean of love that is ever present. This is what Kundalini energy represents for us, it is the energy of our Soul, of our full potential, of awareness. When we clear the ‘blocks’ as described above, that obstruct the flow of this energy, it starts to flow more freely and we not only transform ourselves, we transform our lives. And the beauty is, this lies within reach of each and everyone of us, we can all make the decision to be fully present with everything, to stop rejecting ourselves and to fall in love 100 %, waking up to the truth that you can not become who you really are. You are that already.