Relax to let it happen

The past 3 weeks we are having the blessing to be in a beautiful little town right next to the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. We are recharging after a few intense months in which we had to process all the revelations concerning Yogi Bhajan and of course the international crisis due to the virus. Being here gives us the chance to exhale, unwind and relax. It actually feels we have been doing an intense Kriya (yoga set) and now we get the chance to integrate the effect during a long deep relaxation. 

Surrendering to the intelligence of life

It’s during these relaxations the healing happens, after the ‘work’ is done, you surrender and the intelligence of life, which is always aiming at restoring balance and harmony, takes over. In this relaxed state we can clearly see how the past 10 years have been a great and wonderful foundation to continue to grow and evolve and how we both feel the deep commitment to this growth and evolution and our natural inclination of feeling the need to share this with others. It’s through sharing the joy multiplies. It is through sharing we can learn so much more and so much faster, recognizing we are all making the same journey in our own unique ways. 

A new approach

The contours of our new approach are slowly but surely becoming more clear. We are going to dedicate our time and energy to create an approach with this yogic practice that will help all of us understand and embrace that we have all the tools we need to live our full potential right here with us already, the tools being your body, your breath, your ability to concentrate and focus and very important, the power of your intention and intuition. 

In our humble opinion Yogi Bhajan had a creative talent to share unique ‘new’ exercises in combination with century old asanas. He has handed us hundreds of them. For many years we believed in the paradigm that we were not allowed to change anything about the Kriyas as this was supposed to be dangerous. After teaching yoga for 10 years and now ‘dissecting’ the Kriyas to isolate each and every exercise on its own, we no longer believe this to be true. 

The power of belief

The word ‘belief’ in this sense is paramount. When we believe there is only one master who was allowed to create these sequences and when we believe we can only practice these sequences to achieve an effect, this belief is what shapes our experience. The moment we can let go of that belief a whole new approach can start to take shape. An approach that gives space to our own understanding, experience, wisdom, intuition and creativity. We then reclaim our power and sovereignty as creative and intuitive beings that have the ability to tap into their inner knowing to guide us. Trusting this guidance, we no longer need an authority outside of us to tell us what is right or wrong. 

The greater good

This is a huge step to take, because we live in a society where our intuition is something that is not highly appreciated, especially not when it goes against the establishment and the ‘norm’ of what is supposed to be the ‘right way’. This is not about being rebellious, this is about being true to ourselves and following a common sense that is aligned with our conscience and (super) natural abilities as human beings. We are all way more powerful than we believe, we are all master manifestors, creators, yogis, artists, etc. We just need to liberate our consciousness out of the limited perceptions and beliefs we have accepted about ourselves. This is exactly what these times are asking us to do, the old suppressive systems that limit our true potential are collapsing and we are invited to no longer give our consent to that which doesn’t serve our greater good and the greater good of all, including of course the good of our home during this lifetime, our magnificent planet Mother Earth. 

Sharing more soon...

We are fully committed to be of service to this development and we are excited to keep walking this path with you. We are going to record more new practice videos for the Video Page and we will try to get it edited and online a.s.a.p. Also, when we are back in Amsterdam we will share more livestreams with you on a regular basis and we will share more of our insights connected to our research, it’s our intention to let this new approach be totally transparent.