Doing the work

From an astrological point of view 2020 was promising to be an intense year. Now that we are almost halfway through intense almost seems like an understatement. It feels as if the total collective subconsciousness of humanity is getting a thorough clean up and all the shadows, darkness and imbalances are being brought into the light. And this is impacting all of us. We are all invited to question our beliefs, to think for ourselves and to learn to trust our heart. This is an ongoing process, and if we can believe the stars and planets in the sky it ain't over just yet.


Being in this place of uncertainty, having to face the unknown, having to face the injustices in our world, can feel frightening, disempowering or unsettling. It brings up a lot of emotions that we need to process in order to restore balance. It’s a collective job in which we all play an important role, since we are the only ones who can do it. However much we would like to do it for someone else, or someone else to do it for us, it simply doesn’t work that way. If we want to create a change in consciousness in the world, if we want more harmony and equality, we are the ones to do that. We can’t wait for someone to come and save us, it’s up to us. All of us. Together.

Huge and important issues are now coming to the surface that demand our attention and our honest self-reflection and this can feel quite uncomfortable. But that’s the work and that is what we feel we do our practice for, to learn to hold space for the discomfort. Not turning a blind eye, not shoving it under the carpet, not pretending it doesn’t exist.

Every transformation always starts with becoming aware. Becoming aware of yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs. That’s how you can transform yourself, your life, the world.

=> Once you are aware you can start to notice
=> Once you can start to notice you can start to observe
=> Once you can start to observe you become more and more consciously conscious.
=> Once you become more conscious you can decide upon your next word, your next act instead of just reacting.

We are challenged to leave behind old paradigms and make space for new possibilities. We have the opportunity to become more mature and that’s not always easy, but life is inviting us to do it anyway.