Do we keep the stories spinning?

If there is anything we need right now, we would say it’s a mind that is able to clearly discern between untrue and true, backed up by an open and compassionate heart and an ability to act in alignment with your conscience. We live in a time where we are constantly being confronted with conflicting news, a myriad of opinions, a thousand different perspectives, different narratives with different agendas. On the surface level it can seem like one big confusing chaos and an easy way out would be to no longer be engaged, because it can be too overwhelming.


It may seem like it’s only getting worse, but the themes playing out right now have been around for ages, the difference is that we have much more access to all the stories at the simple click of a finger. Anyone can post a video nowadays, anyone can share his or her point of view, it is no longer only the big media companies that show us what is happening in the world. Nowadays there are almost just as many news reporters as there are people on this planet.

If you take a closer look, the news is actually the same story that has been going on for so long, now with different actors, different antagonists and heroes, but the themes remain the same, certainly the main theme doesn’t seem to change: us against them.


The story keeps spinning around

For centuries people are being divided, people are being marginalised, people are being used and abused, their rights overthrown, or not given any rights to begin with. This injustice has been there for time untold and this story will keep on spinning around until we all decide we no longer want to play according to this script, until we decide to let go of old programming that gives room to feelings of superiority, division, and many other unchecked beliefs. We all have these programs inside of us, whether we are aware of them or not, they are a natural by-product of our human history, they are in our DNA. But that doesn’t mean our consciousness needs to stay shackled by them because we all ‘have’ a supernatural power that can overrule each attempt to keep us trapped: the power of being a witness of the program.


The pain body

When Eckhart Tolle first shared his book ‘The power of Now’, many people got introduced to the term ‘the pain body’, this is exactly that part of us that takes over our consciousness when triggered, either by something that makes us feel superior or like a victim. It’s like we lose our common sense and we start to act out of a program, almost becoming unconscious. If you have never read ‘The power of Now’, it’s highly recommended because this mechanism is very well explained in this book and it is truly helpful to awaken your ability to become the witness in the ‘NOW’ instead of staying trapped in the past.


Becoming the witness

Becoming the witness is something our world desperately needs right now, in our opinion. Because then you will be able to witness how these old games are being played out in your own consciousness, you can become the witness to the ‘pain body’, feel that energy arise within you, wanting to ‘hijack’ your consciousness and urging you to attack, defend, prove, fight, etc. This energy is very very strong, it can cause a lot of damage and thus perpetuate and continue to back up its legitimacy.


Love Explosions

When you can become a witness to this pain, hold space for it, allowing this energy to move without overtaking you, this can give room to big releases in different forms. We have experienced this over the past few months. It can be quite intense, but you know what the most amazing thing is? Once this ‘storm’ has passed there is so much silence, so much spaciousness and so much love! It almost literally feels like your heart becomes as big as the world and there are love explosions in your being. You can start to see the world through different eyes, because you start to project a different reality. Your light becomes brighter and the movie on your reel becomes more original, more compassionate and more authentic, the projection becomes more clear. And thus also you become clear about when it is time to act or speak up in alignment with your heart and conscience, going beyond the level of mere reaction.


Awaken the Buddhi Mind

Becoming the witness is a quality attributed to the Buddhi Mind, that part of you that is able to clearly discern. Through the practice of yoga & meditation and self-reflection we can awaken our Buddhi Mind that will not play along with the old rules of the collective and individual ‘pain body’.