Change your perception > change your reality

Our reality on Planet Earth has shifted over the past weeks. Could you ever fathom it would be possible that there would be hardly any flights, shops would be closed, children wouldn’t be allowed to go to school, you can get fined for being too close to one and other? Many of the things that we all accepted as part of our everyday reality now all of sudden have changed. This can give rise to many questions, all of a sudden things we took for granted are perceived in a different light. Things or structures we thought were certain, now proof to be able to be completely different, thus uncertain, in a matter of days. 

Micro Macro

Sometimes it helps to ‘scale down’ such a huge event to a more individual level, to help make sense out of it. For example, many people experience huge shifts in their lives after the loss of a dear one or after a serious illness. At first there is grief, pain, fear, but after the initial shock there is a chance to start looking at their life in a different way. What seemed ‘normal’ (according to a certain norm decided by whom you may ask yourself) now no longer is the norm by definition, but they get to decide again what for them is ‘normal’. In other words, they start to perceive their reality differently and thus start to make different choices than they did before, resulting in a different life they lived up to that point. 

Seeing the whole picture

Because of the initial shock that caused this transformation, they were thrown back onto themselves, they had to face their fears, they had to feel the pain, they realized that actually this life isn’t normal, it’s exceptional. It’s raw and scary but also amazing and wonderful. It is everything. They were able to see the whole picture and thus experience wholeness, it’s in the moments of the deepest grief we can also feel the deepest love. The great paradox of life. Instead of taking life for granted, they woke up to the immensely beautiful opportunity it is to become fully aware of yourself on so many more levels than just being a body with a mind.

A new reality

A new spectrum of reality is now able to be felt. This awareness changes everything. Maybe, as humanity we are now all invited to make that shift. Realize how we all contribute to what we accept as normal, and through this time of uncertainty in which we fall back onto ourselves, if we dare to step out of the state of constant distraction that is being created in our society, we get to make new choices, new decisions, choices that contribute to experiencing the wholeness, the magnificence, the glory of life instead of staying trapped in the division, the illusion of duality. In other words, we can now come home to our hearts if we are willing to heal, release and let go of beliefs and ideas that keep us in that state of separation. We have a choice. We always have the freedom to choose. 

What do you choose?