Every story has two sides

We are embracing this crisis as an opportunity to really dig deep. Deep within ourselves, deep into the things we believed in, deep into seeing what is happening ‘out there’. Digging deep into all the things coming into the light concerning the revelations of Yogi Bhajans behaviour and the whole mechanism that had made this possible. Today we would like to share our insights with you, as they may be helpful for your own journey. 


Two sides or more...

Every story always has two sides, minimum. We clearly saw that looking at just one side of the story is not the solution but an illusion. We understood that you cannot just focus on the light, pretending there is no darkness. It is through darkness we know there is light, it is through light we know there is darkness as well. Darkness is scary, many things happen in the darkness we would rather not know of, it’s like you want to keep it out of your field of awareness. What we realized is, it is already present in our field of awareness, but because of fear we (un) consciously denied its presence. Once we allowed ourselves to notice the darkness, to feel its presence within us, it lost all its power, it dissolved. When we keep denying it, it keeps having power over us. 

Darkness can come in all shapes and forms. Feelings of guilt, shame, fear, anger are all part of our human experience. Through our spiritual practice we have learned to notice it, to feel it, to observe it. But there was always a sense of rejection, because ‘you are not supposed to feel that way’. That’s a deep programming that probably most of you recognize. You are not supposed to judge for example, because, yes, judging keeps you trapped in the judgements you ultimately have about yourself, it's your self-rejection. This is great knowledge, but as long as it's just a concept, it’s another concept that keeps us trapped in the circle of judging and condemning ourself. 

  • Can you judge, notice that you did it, and not judge yourself about it?
  • Can you recognize the fact that you did it, but not feed the judge loop through immediately forgiving yourself, just acknowledging you are a human being that is practicing, that is learning, and stop trying to be perfect?

This mechanism became super clear to us. And we went full on judging everything we wanted, being fully aware that we were doing it, and it was awesome. We also allowed ourself to become very angry and cry like babies. So much darkness was revealed, wow. 

Why are we sharing this? 

Well because we feel it’s important that this is what a spiritual practice is all about, you are practicing to become more and more aware of all the limiting programming that is going on. Once you start to see the programming you no longer have to be in it. Instead of being in the program, you observe it. And you will notice much faster how you will, again and again, tend to go into the programming again. And that’s ok. Because once you notice you are in it, you can also gather the strength, the awareness to see that. And, immediately there is more space, more freedom. You’re no longer in the little box, but you see the little box. In our opinion this is what is called awakening. It is not a one time experience, it’s an ongoing process. It’s great to feel energy flowing through your chakras during a meditation, but that is not the goal of it all. We feel that this is not the reason why we meditate. Meditation is about being fully present in the moment with whatever presents itself, dark or light. We realized that when we close our eyes for the darkness, when we look away because we believe we cannot handle it, we deny ourselves our own awakening.


Being awake is seeing the whole spectrum, dark and light, good and evil, because when you choose sides you are only seeing a distorted variety of reality. When you see both you get to realize: 'Hang on a minute, I’m seeing this. I don’t have to choose sides, I don’t have to defend anything, fight against anything, I just have to see it.' 

Then the next realization can start to enter your consciousness, the question of ‘who is seeing’ this. Who is watching this play, this game of dark and light? This answer cannot be answered in words, but it can be realized right within yourself. We have come to understand that this realization is not coming through denying the world as an illusion, but through watching the illusion playing itself out. But to see that, you have to see it all. When we keep denying the existence of darkness we are staying in a limited edition of reality. 

No longer afraid

Once we are willing to see the darkness it loses all its power. There is nothing left, no more fear. And once there is no more fear, there is nothing left that will have the power to manipulate us. Because to be manipulated there needs to be fear. 

  • If you are not afraid, how could someone manipulate you?



We are using this time as an opportunity to watch this game unfold itself. Look around you, this game is everywhere. Give yourself the opportunity to see at least two sides of the stories we are being told and recognize how these stories are all about: ‘us against them’. See how these stories divide us, whether they are coming from the good guys or the bad guys. It’s the same game. See if you can see it and then embrace the most precious gift you have been given as a human being, your conscious choice. 

Use this gift to choose. Not to choose sides but to choose YOU. This time is a beautiful opportunity to see how we are constantly being distracted through the stories that divide, so that we do not enter into the realm of our eternal Self, where we are free and sovereign and no one can tell us what to do or think. 

From here you can watch all the belief systems passing by, you can feel how tempting they are, you can recognize the yearning to belong to something, the desire to follow an idea that seems to be the solution. It’s all good, just see how it works. Watch it play itself out. You only have to see it, that’s it. You will know what to do when the time comes for you to act or to choose.