Kundalini Yoga Journey Bali

1 - 21 April 2023

Kundalini Yoga journey to Bali 

a 21 day retreat on the move


Date: 1 - 21 April 2023 (21 days)
Location: Bali, Indonesia 
Teachers: Marieke & Tim
Official Partner: You2theWorld
Group size: max.10 participants

Last spot available

Price: 4500 euro
Including: airport pick-up, all local travel costs, all meals (except a few meals in Ubud), excursions, all yoga sessions, ceremonies & rituals, all accommodation.
Excluding: airport drop departure day, international airfare, spa treatments & massages


Retreat on the move

Submerge yourself in the healing vibes of spiritual Bali. For 3 weeks we will explore and experience what makes this beautiful island so attractive whilst staying at gorgeous yoga retreat centres. The itinerary, the energy of the island and of course the daily Kundalini Yoga & meditation practice will all contribute to your well being. You will feel reborn, healed and totally harmonized. 

The itinerary for this ‘retreat on the move’ has been designed as such to give you plenty of time at each retreat centre with a minimum of two yoga sessions per day. All locations have perfect facilities to practice yoga & meditation. The travelling days are very relaxed and all drives are scenic, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the island as we travel from one retreat location to another. 



Tri Hita Karana

This Kundalini Yoga Bali Journey is shaped along the Balinese philosophy for life called Tri Hita Karana, based on these three pillars as a foundation for overall well-being:

1. Harmony with God
2. Harmony among people
3. Harmony with nature

Bali is an island with a beautiful diverse nature. This journey will take you off the beaten track to the sacred power places of the island at the coast, in the mountains and in the jungle, where you will experience authentic ancient cleansing ceremonies in which water plays a central role. Bali is often referred to as the ‘island of the holy water’, there are many sacred springs, holy hot springs and water temples.

Bali is home to thousands of temples, all having their own purpose and all contributing to Tri Hita Karana. We will bring you to the most sacred ones that will purify your energy, realign your being and bring you back to your True Self.

Visiting these high frequency sites, meditating there and allowing yourself to be cleansed by the pure water of the island will certainly contribute to a deep surrender, releasing old patterns that no longer serve you and welcoming in the new.



Wellness Retreat - 3 days in South Bali

After your arrival on the island you will stay in a wonderful wellness retreat centre to recharge and unwind. Experience a Balinese welcoming ritual, enjoy delicious organic food, get treatments in the Spa, relax by the side of the pool and of course practice Kundalini Yoga. These days will allow you to rest and rejuvenate and set the foundation for the continuing of the journey.


Nature Retreat - 3 days in Central Bali

From the South we travel to the central part of the island that is famous for the endless lush green rice terraces. We will stay in a mountain resort surrounded by jungle and from there explore the environment with beautiful nature hikes to a local hotspring, a sacred temple and of course the rice terraces. The pool in this resort offers you the possibility to do your Ishnaan (your cold shower before Sadhana) in fresh mountain spring water, an experience that rejuvenates all the cells in your body.


Villa Retreat - 4 days in West Bali

From the lush green centre of Bali we’ll make a scenic drive moving to a luxurious retreat centre in the West. Here the island looks completely different. We will stay in private villas and you are invited to simply enjoy, relax and rest in between your yoga & meditation sessions. Surrender into the luxury of doing nothing. On the last evening we’ll take you out for a surprise dinner with an amazing view!


Village Retreat - 3 days in North Bali

After our villa experience we will go local in a traditional little village in the Northern part of the island. We will sleep in charming bamboo cottages, meet the local people, learn to cook Balinese food, craft our own temple offerings. Here you will receive a purifying blessing by a high priest in the local holy spring and you will meditate at an awe inspiring waterfall. These three days will submerge you in traditional Balinese culture.


Ocean Holiday Retreat - 3 days at the North-East Coast

From the village we move to the coast to a splendid eco resort with a private beach club where you can go snorkeling or go for an early morning boat ride to meet the dolphins that have made the nearby bay their home. The resort is situated at the sea side in a palm tree forest and a very loving community of the nearby village where you can go for walks if you like.


Spiritual Retreat - 4 days in Ubud

From the coast we travel to Ubud and visit sacred power places along the way. In Ubud you will stay at walking distance from the town in the silence of the local rice fields. Here you have free time to discover Ubud, go for a bicycle ride through the rice fields, get spa treatments, visit the Monkey Forest, there are plenty of options to choose from which we will present to you. Or you can simply enjoy the serenity at the gorgeous retreat centre. In and around Ubud you will receive purification ceremonies to help you to complete your purification process on the island of Bali.

On the 21st day of the journey you will be ready to travel home, healed, recharged and transformed.




  • Discovering the beautiful and rich Balinese culture & nature
  • Transform and heal in the spiritual vibes of Bali
  • Visit the most beautiful temples and high energy locations
  • We will stay in gorgeous wellness retreat centres to recharge and unwind
  • Experience Balinese welcoming rituals, cleansing water ceremonies and sound healing
  • Enjoy delicious organic food
  • Get treatments in wonderful Spas
  • Relaxing by the side of the pool
  • Last but not least: Daily Kundalini Yoga & meditation sessions with Tim & Marieke
  • Check our Instagram Highlights of our upcoming journey here!