Gobinda Hari | Mantra for Self-Reflection

गोबिंद गोबिंद हरि हरि

Gobinda Gobinda Hari Hari


If you are going through a rough time, feel broken or confused, worried or insecure, try chanting the mantra ‘Gobinda Gobinda Hari Hari’ to transform and transcend your thoughts and emotions. This mantra helps you to heal emotional pain and connects you to the Divine within yourself which restores your sense of security. It brings you into a state of knowing and experiencing that there is a sustaining and healing force that supports us.


Meaning of the Mantra

Both the words ‘Gobinda’ and ‘Hari’ are names of the Divine but they each have different qualities. Let’s look into these qualities a little deeper and grow our understanding in how chanting this mantra can help us. 



Gobinda refers to the sustaining energy of the Universe. Chanting this word invokes the feeling of being supported by the Divine. We are always supported by the Divine, but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way, sometimes we feel alone and lost. The Gobinda mantra brings you into the inner core of yourself where you can feel that security within you, independent of the situation you may find yourself in. In other words with this sound current you are affirming that ‘The Universe has your back’.



Hari is another name of the Divine that is reminding us of the healing capacity we all have inside of us. We all have the power to heal ourselves when we activate this power and allow it to work. Healing is becoming whole again, bringing all the fragmented parts of yourself back into alignment. Interestingly enough Hari also refers to the destroying aspect of the Divine which from a rational point of view can seem like the opposite of whole. But look at it this way, Hari is the power that removes the old, the pain, the blocks, limited beliefs, so in that sense it’s destructive power helps you to feel whole again. Hari besides ‘destroying’ is also the manifestation of the infinite creative force, it’s the blossoming of potential. Once you remove your self-limitation, the potential of your Soul can come into full blossoming. 


Mantra for Self Reflection

Chanting the ‘Gobinda Gobinda Hari Hari’ mantra will help you access higher levels of consciousness and re-aligns you with your spiritual being. The syllables, which are sacred sounds, carry a high vibration that affect our mind and thus your mood. By consciously increasing the frequency of your energy you will allow yourself to step out of your habitual way of thinking that is causing you to worry or feel fearful. If you combine the chanting of this mantra with daily self-reflection and journaling you will enable yourself to transform your thoughts and feelings and help yourself to keep vibrating in a higher frequency and since negative emotions are in a much lower vibration, eventually they will just drop away. With a steady practice in combination with compassionate self-reflection you will change your energetic blueprint and thus your destiny. You will blossom into the full potential of your Soul.