The beauty of slowing down


When you have experienced a very busy time, sometimes it can be hard to stop. Although you stop your activities the mind can still go on, wanting to plan, organise, prepare, anticipate future events, etc.


We like to compare this process with the slowing down of a ventilator after you have turned off the power. There is no electricity going into the fan but still it keeps moving for a while, until ultimately it stops. This can be quite uncomfortable, you want to slow down and rest, your mind just wants to go on. In a way it’s not strange, we live in a society where high productivity is rewarded and even expected of us.


Habit of 'being busy'

When we step out of the ‘habit’ of being busy we can be confronted with a lot of stuff that has been lingering beneath the surface, but we were too busy to attend to, our minds were too busy focusing on other things that needed to be done. In a way, being busy can really feel like a flow, especially when we are busy with something we are passionate about. But we are organic beings, moving along with the cycles of life, the ebb and flow of the oceans, the seasons, day and night, the waxing and waning of the moon.


Redirect your focus

Slowing down is also part of the flow of life. Slowing down can be crucial to touch base, to check in with yourself, to redirect your focus from doing to being. This doesn’t necessarily mean you now have to book a two week holiday in which you sit on the beach and do nothing, for each of us slowing down can mean something different. Like really taking the time to cook a great dinner, finally reading that book that has been lying on your nightstand for months, going for a long walk in nature, quality time with good friends, or indeed, just sit on the beach and do nothing. It’s in these moments of slowing down a new influx of creativity that can start to flow.


Daily Kundalini Yoga Practice

With a daily practice you have a chance each and every day to consciously slow down. You step out of the stream of daily activities and dedicate time to focus your mind on something totally different. You move the body, connect to the breath and as you meditate you can help your mind to slow down. Through your practice you can feel the life force energy flowing through you, you can feel this creative power that brings everything into being, in your own being. 


Flow of life Sadhana

In the online school we offer an 11 day Flow of Life Sadhana that guides you in the process of slowing down through daily guidance emails and a Kundalini Yoga video. We practice with a Kriya for the Kidneys to help you restore from stress, recharge your kidneys and boost your energy and creativity, as the kidneys are connected to the second chakra, the chakra which is all about creativity. 


3 meditations to slow down

We also would love to suggest three other (short) meditations which you can find on the Video Page of the school that are great in combination with the Kriya of the Flow of Life Sadhana or to practice just by themselves to help you slow down and smooth out the effects of stress on your body and mind. These three meditations (and all the other videos on the Video Page) are available with your Learn, Understand or Master Plan. If you are not a member yet you can start your membership plan here

Meditation | Relief from Stress

This 9 minute Kundalini Yoga meditation creates glandular control and changes the body chemistry to recover from Stress, to get out of the overdrive and it helps your body and mind to relax and restore energy.

Meditation | For Nervous Energies

This effective Pranayama Meditation [breathing technique] balances your glandular and nervous system and will help you to relax into the moment, making you more efficient and less edgy.

Meditation | for the Lower Triangle

A Kundalini Yoga Meditation for the Lower Triangle to heal problems related to the lower Spine, Kidneys, Adrenal glands and long-term Stress. Energetically it works on the first three chakras related to survival, creativity and will power.

Kundalini Yoga Italy Retreat August 2020

Another great way to help yourself slow down and shift your focus is to go on a retreat, in which you, as the name implies, retreat yourself from daily life and give yourself the opportunity to dive deep into your spiritual practice. Our yearly Italy Retreats take place in the midst of nature, the perfect setting to unwind, relax and recharge. Several Kundalini Yoga sessions a day, long walks in the beautiful surroundings, delicious & healthy vegan meals and the wonderful Mediterranean climate will all contribute to your overall well being whilst you’ll also have a lot of fun! 

In August  ‘The Core of your Being’ is dedicated to surrendering yourself to the flow of life. It’s your invitation to make the inner journey. No matter what is going on in our life we can connect with our core essence. When we live from this connected state we no longer need to ‘do’ or ‘know’ everything but we can surrender to the flow of life. In this manner we allow the intelligence of life that is always present within us, to take over and guide us in each and every step. 

Registration for both retreats is open! Learn more on our Retreat Page