Don't let fear stop the creative flow of life

To pursue your dreams, to achieve your goals, to follow your star you need energy. And of course you need to know what your dream is, what is it that you want to do with your life? To know this, to walk your path, to make the necessary steps is what we can experience as living in the Flow. But what to do when you do not know? When you do not feel the flow at all? Or when you feel a lack of energy to make the necessary steps?


Did you know your kidneys play a very important role in this, they are like your batteries that provide you with the much needed energy to progress in life. When your Kidney energy is low you feel indecisive, it's like you can't find that star in the sky you want to follow, the energy to make your move is not there.


Lack of willpower & motivation

When the kidneys are out of balance we lack willpower & motivation, we find it hard to leave the house and our basic emotion tends to be fear. Once again this has to do with the past, fear can even be passed on hereditary and of course it has a lot to do with your upbringing. 


Fear & Insecurity

Fear and insecurity are emotions that limit you and are mostly related to experiences and mental impressions from the past. The impressions get stored in your subconscious and fear gets stored in your kidneys. When we hold on to old memories and don’t allow ourselves to let go of worries and sorrow, when we keep the past alive in our mind, this will deplete the kidney energy. 


Kidney energy

The kidneys are providing the body with energy and if you are willing to drop your fear, they will give you all the energy you need to follow your star. When the kidney energy is healthy we feel motivated, we feel the urge to break out of the egg, to be ourselves. We have the energy to move along with the creative flow of life. 


Second Chakra

From a yogic point of view the kidneys are connected to the Second Chakra. This chakra is related to emotions and your sense of connectedness with others, the water element and themes as change, flow, duality, desire, passion, sexuality and her biggest power, creation and creativity.



The biggest exercise in creativity that can be made is the decision is what to do with our finite time on earth, and we get to revise that decision every day, every moment of our lives. Creativity is the act of living here and now, finding out what it is that makes you happy, and then pursuing that path or way. It involves discovering what it is that you genuinely love to do, and allowing it to manifest in your life.