How to navigate these intense times?

How are the first weeks of 2020 treating you? Do you also feel the intense energy of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse impacting your emotional state of being? We do! It’s like all emotional residues that need to be experienced are coming to the surface now, ouphhh. If you are also experiencing this, keep breathing and keep reading, there is more going on...


A rare event is taking place

Today, the 12th of January, there is an astrological event that happens only very rarely, a complete conjunction of the planets Pluto and Saturn. When these two planets meet they initiate an intense period of tension and division on a collective scale. Now, more than ever it is so important for us as human beings to overcome our me/we thinking and to face our personal shadows to lessen our perceptibility to hook into the fear based stories presented to us.


Choose to dream another dream

We as the people of this planet need to collectively choose to start living another story, or as the ancients have taught us, we need to start dreaming another dream, as a collective we need to dream a dream in which we live together in harmony. In order to do that our main task is to keep paying attention towards creating harmony within ourselves.


The Zero Point

We can’t think of a better way of doing that than through a daily spiritual practice. That is, what we feel, the true meaning of being a yogi. Through your personal effort to balance things out, to restore harmony in your own being, to bring it back to the zero point, you path the way for the collective consciousness to follow along. It’s like rewiring not just your brain, but through your consistent practice and devotion you create the opportunity to a massive neural network shift.


Critical Mass

When we reach the critical mass of people who are willing to stop pointing their fingers at others to blame them for the state of the world and instead are willing to do their part of the transformational work, a major shift can happen on a collective scale.


Kali Yuga

This is what is so needed in the Age we live in, the Kali Yuga, the age of destruction. Please don’t see this as a threat but as a wonderful invitation to stop wandering around and to return home, a home filled with love, peace and harmony, a home we can only truly find within us. When we all live there, we can truly meet each other and feel there is enough space and resources for all of us. Then we can clearly see the other person is you!


Online Session to live from your Angelic Nature

To support your transformational process we are happy to share with you a Kundalini Yoga Session to live from your Angelic Nature on our LIVESTREAM page. Online sessions are available to everyone with an Understand Plan and the Master Classes are available to those with the Master Plan. If you would love to have access to these power teachings at all times for the coming year, join the online Kundalini Yoga School! More sessions will be added throughout the year!

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