The teachings of the mantra Pavan Guru

PAVAN GURU / Wisdom of the breath  


Pavan Pavan Pavan Pavan - The air, the air, the air, the air. 

Par Para - The Infinity and beyond the Infinity.

Pavan Guru - The air is the Guru.

Pavan Guru - The air is the Guru.

Wahe Guru - Wha! The Guru is beyond description

Wahe Guru - Wha! The Guru is wonderful.

Pavan Guru - The air is the Guru.


If you remember these sound currents, there's no book to read — all knowledge will be yours without even opening your eyes. -- Yogi Bhajan


It is through the breath we bring the element of air into our body to provide us with oxygen. But actually it is not just oxygen that enters us through the breath. Breath is also the carrier of Prana which we call Pavan. The yogis teach us that there is even something else that the breath brings to us, wisdom. The breath of life is also our teacher, Pavan Guru. When we start to breathe consciously we can tap into the infinite Universal wisdom. Through conscious breath this wisdom can reveal itself to us from within. The Latin word for breath is ‘inspirare’, now  doesn’t that word look familiar to you? Right, it’s very much connected to the word ‘inspiration’. It is through the breath we bring Spirit within us. The life giving Spirit, the Spirit that brings us inspiration, the Spirit that brings us wisdom. Like Yogi Bhajan said: 


Pavan is the air, the breath, carrier of the prana, the life force. This is God in action. 


He also taught that Guru Nanak, the first Sikh Guru mentions Pavan Guru in his teachings as a way to give reference to the breath as being our teacher, our guide. He emphasized that when you are short of wisdom, one should breathe. 


Yogi Bhajan:

All knowledge you need comes through the breath of life. Breath is your guide, your sage, your knowledge. Breath comes from Par Para (beyond the beyond). Your life and its existence are based on breath of life. Create a friendship with it and breathe consciously.


Through chanting the mantra Pavan Guru we create a deeper connection to the Divine Transparent Teacher that touches us through our breath, through the air. This mantra helps us to merge our individual magnetic field with the Universal magnetic field, thus making it easier to let go of our attachments that keep us trapped in Maya, the illusion of the separate Self. It opens the door to a higher state of consciousness where Spirit can teach and guide you back to your Divine essence. It inspires you to walk the face of this earth as an embodiment of the Divine, fearlessly and creative. 


Whoever recites this mantra becomes absolutely divine, God in action. -- Yogi Bhajan


Pavan Guru is a Pran Bandha Mantra. This means that through chanting this specific sound current we can learn to command the life force, Prana. It produces healing vibrations and can take you to a total inner stillness whilst it increases the Pranic energy. According to Yogi Bhajan there is no better healing than this, since when extra Prana is available, to body can use it where needed to bring itself back to health. To benefit from the healing and transforming sound current optimally Yogi Bhajan instructed to chant it from the navel point. The kriya will be complete if the lips and the navel point are pulled at the same time. 

Last but not least, perfecting yourself in the practice of this mantra will give you access to the knowledge of the Universe without having to read one single book.


Yogi Bhajan:

When this mantra becomes siddh, perfected, there is no knowledge in the Universe, which shall not dawn on you. You can be a philosopher, you can be a poet, you can be a scientist, you can tap into the Infinite Library. This is the gift of the sound current. This is the gift. The sound current is a permutation and combination of sound, which creates waves to reach Infinity. And Infinity brings the infinite knowledge. Simple.


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