Har Haray Hari Wahe Guru - tap into the creative flow of life

As humans walking the face of this earth we are giving expression to the infinite creative energy that brings everything into existence. In that sense we are a direct reflection of the divine principle known as the ‘Holy Trinity’ which Yogi Bhajan would refer to as ‘G-O-D’, Generator, Organizer and Destroyer. With every word and with every act we can create, sustain or destroy anything we want.


These three cosmic principles together make the cosmic play of existence possible and in Kundalini Yoga there is a powerful mantra that is directly tapping into this creative flow of life, the mantra ‘Har Haray Hari Wahe Guru’. Chanting it allows you to become aware of the Infinite creative flow that runs through you and manifests through you.

This mantra can be translated as ‘We are in the Spirit of God’, we create, we sustain, we destroy, just as the Divine Cosmic Principles. Let’s take a closer look into the deeper meaning of this mantra step by step.


Creative Potential

The sound ‘Har’ represents the aspect of God that creates. It represents the creative potential. Just like a seed that contains everything within itself to eventually become a tree. It only needs to be planted, nourished and eventually it will grow into that tree. Our thoughts and words are just like seeds, they are a vibratory seed that we plant in the soil of our consciousness.


Creator of your own reality

Therefore we need to be very attentive what seeds we plant in our inner garden. Do we want these seeds to grow there and do we want to nourish them into existence through our attention, since everything we give our attention to grows. As yogis we aim at becoming very aware of this process because we are indeed the creators of our own reality. Remember, everything in the Universe is vibration. If you change your thoughts, you change your vibration. Every thought is a vibration and what we vibrate, we attract. Through the practice of mantra we plant vibratory seeds of a very high frequency in our being that help us to realign with who we truly are.



Through our devotion and our daily practice we nourish these ‘high frequency’ seeds and they can start to sprout and take firm root in our awareness, bringing in much more light, clarity and understanding about who we truly are. This sprouting which we sustain through our determination is represented by the second word of the mantra ‘Haray’.



The word 'Hari' is another name of the Divine, it’s that aspect of the sacred trinity which in Hindu religion is called Shiva, the destroyer. The word ‘destroy’ to most of us has a negative connotation, as our minds wants to keep things as they are. But take a moment to reflect how nothing could come into existence if it weren’t for destruction. Destruction makes room for things to move, to transform, to change, to bring in the new. Just like when you see a tree, there is no trace left of the initial seed, the seed needed to be destroyed in order for the tree to come into being. This sound also represents the blossoming. From seed to sprout, to the blossoming of the initial potential. Hari besides ‘destroying’ is also the manifestation of the infinite creative force. If this seems like a paradox to you, just remember → instead of a seed, now there is a tree. The potential of the seed has manifested into a tree, but the seed itself has been destroyed.


Bliss of existence

The final part of the mantra ‘Wahe Guru’ is an expression of joy and bliss about this divine creative process, it’s referring to the bliss of existence. This sound current brings us from darkness to light, from ignorance to recognising our true identity.


Clearing blocks

Through chanting the mantra ‘Har Haray Hari Wahe Guru’ you invoke the flow of the creative force in your life and it helps to clear blocks that keep you from living your true potential. It awakens your creative potential from within. Chant it to plant high vibe and charged seeds in your consciousness, chant with devotion to allow these seeds to sprout and come into blossoming. Be the witness of your deepest potential unfolding while you hold space for this too happen through your commitment to your daily practice.


Online Guided Sadhana for Expansion

Start a 22 day Online Guided Sadhana with this mantra. Meditate daily with a meditation to stimulate the pituitary gland that impacts your growth on three levels, physical, spiritual and intellectual. Your daily practice of this Kundalini Yoga meditation will help you to embody true wisdom. Make your own experience and let this meditation be your teacher to blossom into expanded awareness.