Why it is important to know you have TEN Bodies

We all know as a fact that we have a physical body. It is this body we identify ourselves with and we even call it ‘I’. Often we turn our bodies into the focus point of our existence and we worry a lot about how it looks, get frustrated about it when we get older, or suffer when it gets sick.

Truth of the matter is, and this realisation or inner knowing is probably what brings you here, we are not just this ever changing physical body. There is much more to us than that! What you truly are is eternal, let’s call it Soul. As a Soul you come into the Physical Body to make a temporary human experience. In order for you as a soul, to make this experience through this human body, you don’t just need flesh, bones and organs. There is a whole subtle anatomy to you as well to keep you alive and functioning. This is what we call the Ten Bodies.

"If you understand that you are Ten Bodies, and you are aware of those Ten Bodies, and you keep them in balance, the whole Universe will be in balance with you."

~ Yogi Bhajan

The Ten Bodies in a nutshell

Besides having vital functions to keep you alive, the Ten Bodies also represent parts of our human nature and behaviour. They are powerful capacities of the psyche and all together they are a realistic composition of our being. In order to understand a bit more about them let us start by knowing their names. The fist four of them are mostly related to your individual consciousness and they are the Soul Body, the three mental bodies; the Negative Mind, the Positive Mind and the Neutral Mind. Your fifth body is the Physical Body, which you know, and then there are four bodies as expressions of universal consciousness. Their names are the Arc Line, the Auric Body, the Pranic Body and the Subtle Body. Your tenth body is the Radiant Body which encompasses all your bodies.


Gifts and challenges of the Ten Bodies

As mentioned your Ten Bodies represent your human nature. When the bodies are balanced their specific gift or forte will manifest itself through your behaviour. For example when your Soul Body is well balanced this expresses itself as you feeling secure, you find it easy to live by your heart vs. your head and you allow your creativity to flow in a pure and simple way. A telltale sign you have a strong Pranic Body is that you have enough energy to achieve your goals and you are not being overruled by fear. On the other hand each body also has weaknesses that show up when out of balance. Do you often feel angry, greedy, jealous or competitive, then it’s a good idea to work on balancing your fifth body, the Physical Body. Or do you avoid conflicts or you shy away from catching other people’s attention? This is an indication your Radiant Body needs some attention.


The root of disease and the key to health

According to yogic wisdom all disease first begins in the more subtle aspects of our being, in our so called energy bodies. In the course of time, the disease manifests itself in our Physical Body. Therefore it is very good to know about your Ten Bodies and to learn their characteristics. In that way you can intervene way before you’re forced to deal with the issue in the form of sickness. Kundalini Yoga offers you many different Kriyas, meditations and pranayamas that allow you to work on your Ten Bodies. You use your form, the Physical Body, and you put into to many different forms (Asanas and Mudras), you create new rhythms and you direct the Prana through your whole system in a very systematic way that balances and activates all Ten Bodies. A regular practice of Kundalini Yoga is a very holistic approach to work on all aspects of yourself, promoting overall wellbeing and a better health.


Learn more about yourself for more balance and harmony

When we are not completely in touch with all aspects of ourselves it’s hard to experience harmony and balance as certain parts of us may be predominant or overruling parts of us that need to be developed and acknowledged in order for us to feel whole and complete. To help you get clarity and insights which parts of you need to balanced, worked on or strengthened, there is a beautiful technology called Tantric Numerology. This technology works with the Ten Bodies and their numbers in relation to your date of birth. Quickly and accurately you get a clear picture about yourself and how to direct your focus and energy towards living your purpose.


Reclaim your Spirit and awaken your destiny

Working with Tantric Numerology to understand your numbers and thus your Ten Bodies in combination with Kundalini Yoga helps you to reclaim your spirit. For extra guidance on your way we offer you the 40 Days Sadhana ‘Awaken your Destiny’ in which you learn all about your Ten Bodies and the Tantric Numerology step by step and day by day to gain much more clarity, insights and understanding about who you are, your strengths and weakness, what to do about it and how to activate your inner most potential to walk the path of your Soul.

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