Mantra - your sound Medicine

Through sound, which is a vibration, we can alter our brain and thought patterns. Thoughts ultimately are nothing else but vibrations as well, vibrations that impact how we feel (high or low vibe). A Mantra is your sound medicine that can help you raise your vibration, change your vibe, the frequency at which you vibrate, very fast.


‘Man’ means mind, ‘tra’ comes from ‘trang’ meaning wave. A mantra is a sound wave that influences the mind. Sound impacts everything we see around us, even the things that may seem very solid, actually at the very core, are vibrating, moving albeit very slow. Everything in the Universe continuously is in movement. You could say everything is vibrating in different densities. Just think of water, at a certain vibration it is fluid, when it is frozen it is solid, the movement or vibration slows down, and when heated the movement becomes very fast and water turns into vapor. Through sound we can alter the vibrational frequency in and around us, as human beings we can apply this power consciously.


Enlightened beings throughout the times have delivered to the world sounds that have a beneficial impact on our state of mind, on our vibration, our inner frequency and we are blessed to have full access to so many of them in this time and age. The sounds they shared where in the ‘Naad’ a sacred sound current that has the power to take the finite person (Na) into the experience of the Infinite (Aad). And such is the power of the Mantra. You don’t necessarily have to understand with your mind what the sounds mean you are uttering, the sound will have its effect as its effect is present, encoded in the sound itself.


All of this for the skeptical Western mind may sound a bit woo woo or like hocus pocus. And there are many minds that feel a lot of resistance towards mantras, because, well, they work directly on the mind. The best thing to do is to make your own experience. Use your voice, chant and listen and feel the effect. Where does the mantra take you? What does it open in you? How does it touch you?


Kundalini Yoga Mantras

In Kundalini Yoga there are many mantras you can meditate with, all with their own effect. On the Video Page of the online Kundalini Yoga School we share several mantra meditations, you are most welcome to give them a try and we would love to hear your experience! For you convenience here is an overview:

Laya Yoga - 11 min. mantra meditation

An extraordinary chant that makes you creative and focussed on real priorities. It fixes your attention on your essence and higher consciousness.


Sat Narayan - 11 min. mantra for Inner Peace

This mantra meditation helps you to relax and allows yourself to surrender into a state of non-resistance, to go with the flow.


Gobind Gobind Haree Haree - 11 min. Mantra for Mental Purity
Consistent practice of this meditation will make your mind crystal clear and will eliminate mental impurity when done correctly. This meditation will develop the healing power within you.


Gunpati Kriya - 11 min. mantra to break through blocks

This mantra meditation helps you to clear blocks and to let go of the attachments of the mind and impact of past actions so you can create and live a fulfilled life and a perfect future.


Haree Har - 11 min. mantra for the Positive Mind

This meditation helps you to appreciate the contrast between working from your ego and from your inner self, the soul. It brings you into a relaxed and rejoiceful state.


Wahe Guru - 11 min. mantra for the Neutral Mind

This meditation gives you the experience and capacity to go into deep meditative consciousness. It will help you to strengthen the Neutral Mind and move you from the finite to infinity.