11 days to Reset your Mind

It’s been a few days since we shared The Reset 3/3/3. We got so much beautiful feedback, thank you for that! For those who would love to continue this transformation process but can’t make the commitment to 120 days we have some good news, keep on reading!


On Monday the 11th of March we start the 11 day Sadhana ‘Reset your Mind’ and would love to offer you the possibility to join. This Sadhana is only available for those who joined The Reset 3/3/3 as it is a beautiful continuation of your process of transformation, becoming aware of the seeds you plant into your consciousness. Let us guide you towards planting the seeds you wish to see blossoming in your life.


Creators of our own reality

We are the creators of our own reality, through changing the way we think, we can change our lives. Through becoming aware of our thoughts and consciously shifting our attention towards a higher vibration we can transform the way we deal with anything that comes our way.  Remember, nothing has meaning on its own, it is us that give meaning and thus shape our world. If you feel you could use some help and guidance to transform your inner world and your thoughts, we would love to support you with that!




Change your frequency

With the 11 days sadhana ‘Reset your Mind’ we will guide you step by step to become aware how you are the creator of your inner world and how you project this on the world around you. You will learn tools to apply when you find yourself in a low vibration thought, how to change your frequency and thus your mood quickly.

There is a saying: "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

As human beings we have the auspicious opportunity to do just that, we are creators, as we are one with the source of all creation. We need to use that capacity wisely so that we can bring heaven on earth.


11 days for 9 minutes 

For 11 days you will meditate daily for 9 minutes and each day you will receive a beautiful guidance email with many insights, inspiration and motivation. You deepen your progress with journaling, reflection and introspection exercises will help you to make your shift fast and insightful!

The meditation video is on our website, you get to choose the best time of the day for you to meditate. And, extra gift: If you aren’t a member of the online school yet, you will receive access to all the Kundalini Yoga & Meditation videos on the Practice Page for one whole year.

We’re happy to offer you this Sadhana + membership for only 37 euro [41 usd]




You can enroll until Sunday 10th of March midnight.
Looking forward to have you with us!

Big hug,
Marieke and Tim

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