Kundalini Yoga and the art of breaking habits

The reason we have started this online school is because we feel that maintaining a daily spiritual practice is the best habit you can put in place to help you break free from habits that are not supporting you.


Human beings are super habitual beings. Most of the times without being aware of it we create certain patterns and these patterns start to determine the way we live. Most of us take the same way to work everyday, we take the same seat at the dinner table or always meet with friends in a certain cafe. These of course are very benign examples, but our habits can also determine the way we deal with stress, the way we react to challenges or to other people's behaviour. When we get triggered and don’t stay aware an habitual reaction can easily take over and before you know it, you behave overly emotional creating a lot of commotion.  

“Suppose instead of devotion, an emotion becomes commotion and enters the sub­conscious mind. Then there is a problem. Then you have a pattern, a style of life. And then the pattern will govern you. Meditation is the art of breaking habits, in order to purify the mind and to take care of day-to-day things. These commotions become our pattern. We call them habits. First we create a habit, then the habit creates us. There is hardly any person who doesn't get into a habit. And it is very difficult to break a habit.” -- Yogi Bhajan

Yes, it’s difficult to break a habit, but it is not impossible. We can all stop limiting ourselves and start to live our full potential if we have the courage to give what it takes! It’s a matter of choice.

“Today is a day when you can create a habit of meditation. Then meditation will make you intuitive, and intuition will solve your problems.”  --  Yogi Bhajan

If you choose to set yourself free Kundalini Yoga is one of the powerful tools we know. And we are happy to offer you guidance and support on your way. This is our invitation to join the next upcoming 11 day Sadhana ‘Roots for Life’, an invitation to start your new habit of meditation or to integrate it even further in your life so that you set a firm and strong foundation for your freedom. 

Are you with us?

Roots for Life Sadhana - 11 day course with Kundalini Yoga and daily Guidance

In this 11 day Sadhana we are diving deep into our roots through discovering and working with the first three chakras (lower triangle) to understand more about our habits, instincts and desires. You’ll gain more clarity about how the emotions linked to these chakra show up in your life and bring healing where needed so you can stop unnecessarily repeating the past. Through the daily practice of this 11 minutes meditation energy that was blocked in unresolved issues can start be used for new creativity, vitality and dedicated action serving your higher good.