Kundalini Yoga Retreat Italy

7 - 14 June 2019

Kundalini Yoga Retreat Italy

A week to dive deep into your Kundalini Yoga practice


Theme: Breakthrough; make the necessary shift
Dates: 7 - 14 June 2019
Location: Ventimiglia, Italy
Teachers: Marieke de Lange & Tim Schipper
Price: € 525 for the whole program including, food and camping with your own tent. Excluding flights & transport, extra costs lodging or renting tent.



A transformational immersion, diving deep into your Kundalini Yoga practice in Italy. The whole ‘Breakthrough’ week is going to allow you to make the necessary shifts at this point in your life, connecting with your true potential and living your soul’s purpose. In this retreat you will make your own inner journey but the group energy is an invaluable aspect full of fun, connection and support. Surrounded by a beautiful natural setting on top of a mountain overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, you will unplug, destress, recharge and revitalise.

The daily program, nature and the delicious healthy meals will all contribute to getting you focussed yet relaxed, determined yet flexible, direct yet compassionate, assets that make your breakthrough possible, not just during the retreat, this week will create a ripple effect in your life. Give yourself the chance to deeply dive into your practice and truly meet yourself during this transformational Kundalini Yoga Immersion. Looking forward to meet you there!



We guide you through the program with early morning practice (Sadhana), daily Kundalini Yoga sessions and an evening meditation. We offer healthy, vegetarian & Sattvic (mostly vegan) meals 3 times a day. Seva (selfless service or karma yoga) is playing an important role, we serve each other during the whole week.


Daily Schedule

05.00 – 07.30h Sadhana (early morning Yoga)
08.00 - 09.00h Seva
09.00 – 09.30h Breakfast
10.30 – 12.00h Morning Yoga
13.00 – 14.00h Lunch
16.30 – 18.00h Afternoon Yoga
18.30 – 19.30h Diner
20.30 – 21.00h Evening Meditation



It is a practice retreat in which the focus lies on the deep experience of your practice. Experience with Kundalini Yoga is required. You are advised to join Kundalini Yoga Classes/workshops or Online with Marieke and Tim, because this will give you an impression of what to expect during the retreat.



We serve a vegan diet. All meals are without meat, fish and dairy; according to Ayurvedic guidelines.



We retreat in a natural setting on top of a mountain near the town of Ventimiglia in Italy. The views on the Mediterranean sea and mountain valleys are magnificent. Check the possibilities for accommodation below.

€350 / shared €175 p.p.

Beautiful house with 1 double bed and 1 single bed. With small kitchen and shared sanitaire facilities.

€280/ shared €140 p.p.

Basic house with the most beautiful view looking over the Vineyard. With 2 Single beds and shared sanitaire facilities.

€175/ shared € 100 p.p

Sleeping in a tree with an open rooftop (optional) under the stars. With 1 small double bed and shared sanitaire facilities.

€140/ shared €70 p.p.

A comfortable tent with 2 compartments for 2 persons and shared sanitaire facilities.

€140/ shared €70 p.p.

A comfortable tent with 1 compartment for 2 persons and shared sanitaire facilities.

€150 p.p.

Basic old-school ‘Kip’ Caravan with 1 small double bed and shared sanitaire facilities.

€280/ shared 140 p.p.

A private house at 5 minutes walking distance from the Yoga floor for 2 persons and your own sanitaire facilities.

€70/ *extras €10

Rent a basic single tent with a sleeping pad on the campsite. For €10 extra* we also provide bedsheets and a towel.

€0/ *extras €10

Bring your own tent and camp on the campsite. For €10 extra* we provide you with bedsheets, sleeping pad and a towel.

What people say:

The retreat on top of the hill in Italy has been a very special week. Great to be diving into Kundalini yoga practice, seeing beautiful sunrises at Sadhana (gave me goosebumps every day!), beautiful people to share this week with, doing seva and a fantastic vision quest which gave me some good insights. It has been a wonderful journey and I would love to come again next year. -- Ingrid/ Kundalini Yoga Retreat Italy

 A week full of self-love and making new friends. Everything is taken care of: healthy food made by superb chefs, a fixed schedule, the sun, nature, clean accommodation and an open air shower to enjoy the mountain view. Only thing you have to do is opening up yourself to let the Kundalini flow, to work on yourself, supported by the energy, the love and the kindness of the group. Guided by Marieke & Tim who take care of you in any situation. Who smile throughout the week and who make Kundalini yoga more down to earth than you would expect beforehand. -- Micaela / Kundalini Yoga Retreat Italy

This retreat has been very special, I experienced many beautiful things and I have met very nice people. Never guessed a group process could be so good (I’m not really a ‘group person’) and to see the goodness in everybody. -- Corinne I Kundalini Yoga Retreat Italy 

I so far had the opportunity to experience the Kundalini Yoga retreats in Italy twice. I had done some yoga before, even some Kundalini Yoga, but to be honest, I had no idea what to expect that first time I joined in September 2015. The theme of the retreat was ‘Coming home to yourself’; it was something that started to make sense to me as I participated in the retreat. Spending a whole week, at an indescribable beautiful location, with lovely weather and 25 amazing people, has really touched me. I really got a chance to go ‘inward’, to come home to myself, something I had never experienced before. Very special!

In May 2016 I was there again. The expectations that I had about the week and the program, according to my first  experience, didn’t make any sense. It was a different theme (Detox) and a totally different programme, with many new and surprising elements and experiences. Again I got to meet so many nice people. And ofcourse, the weather and the location where still as lovely and beautiful. And I should not forget to mention, our great teachers: Marieke and Tim!  In September 2017 I will join the retreat again, I am already looking forward to it, all these great ingredients for another unforgettable week! Sat Nam. -- Peter S. / Kundalini Yoga Retreats Italy

I participated in the retreat of June 2018. It's a week in which I've gained useful insights about myself. Some of the insights had been slumbering on the background for a while, so they were not totally new to me. But what I like about a week like this, is that you make time to stand still, get to the essence and make space for the things you would like tot change. For me the week is all about self development. Also there was enough time to relax in between the sessions so it felt like a holiday as well. I love the accommodation and teachers; the surrounding is beautiful and peaceful, the accommodations are pretty basic which matches the yoga well, and Tim and Marieke are incredibly skilled in leading such a week. I really recommend joining this retreat. -- Anna / Kundalini Yoga Retreat Italy

It was a very special yoga retreat and the classes are fantastic! I’m grateful for you and what the retreat has given me. Happy to come again on the next retreat on the hill in Italy and enjoy the magical sunrises during Sadhana. -- Roslyn / Kundalini Yoga Retreat Italy

This retreat has given me so much. In the week after it I noticed I was much more able to concentrate myself and my memory improved! Since then I am doing a meditation every day and that feels great. I’m so happy about this. I can truly recommend this retreat experience to everyone. -- Maaike I Kundalini Yoga Retreat Italy

Everything was organised to perfection! You seemed to enjoy giving this retreat just as much as the participants enjoyed being there and that made it a very special and fun experience. -- Ellis / Kundalini Yoga Retreat Italy

The atmosphere and safety you guys create during this retreat is thus that I can totally surrender to everything. And the way you explain things is a true enrichment of the process. -- Els / Kundalini Yoga Retreat Italy