Meditation to Elevate your Spirit and feel Trust

Building a sense of Trust from within is essential to allow yourself to expand and helps you elevate beyond any self imposed limitations. Trust is a fundamental element you need in order to commit yourself fully, full of faith that you are capable to meet any challenge on your way.

Through your elevated spirit you will be able to see these challenges as opportunities for growth and transformation and trust that everything will turn out just the way it should. With an elevated spirit we take conscious decisions that serve the higher good and leave fear based decisions that hold us back behind us.

Elevating your spirit with the following meditation will help you navigate through live with a deep sense of trust coming from within. It builds and balances your aura and opens your heart centre, affecting the element of trust in your personality. Practice with the written instructions underneath or with the free meditation video on our IGTV.



How to do this meditation

Start by tuning in: Chant the Adi Mantra ‘Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo’ three times with the hands in Prayer Pose.


Sin Easy Pose and pull your chin in lighty towards your neck, without bending your head down (jalandhar bandh).

Eye Focus

1/10th open, gazing down at the upper lip


Bring your arms up with a slighty bend in the elbows and arch them around your head, the palms facing down. Woman put their left palm on top the right hand and man rest their right palm on top of the left hand. The thumbs are pointing backward, with the tips touching.


Whisper the mantra ‘Wahe Guru’ and pronounce the sounds very precisely with the lips and tongue very precisely. Whisper in such a way that the sound ‘Guru’ is almost inaudible. Each repetition takes about 2½ seconds.


Continue 11 minutes. Since it can be quite challenging to keep your arms up when you are not used to it, you can start with 3 minutes and gradually increase the time of practice up to 11 minutes. If you would like to practice this meditation up to 31 minutes then increase the time by 1 minute every 15 days until you reach 31 minutes.


Inhale deep and consolidate yourself for moment in the posture, then exhale and release the mudra. Sit in silence for a few moments, sensing the energy in your body and around you. End by bringing the hands together in Prayer Pose and chant the mantra ‘Sat Nam’ three times. A long extended Saaaaaaaaaaat and a short Nam.



Infinite Trust Sadhana – Kundalini Yoga practice with guidance via Email

If you would like to dive even deeper into the theme of trust you are most welcome to join our upcoming 40 days Sadhana ‘Infinite Trust’. For 40 days you will be guided with daily inspiration to keep up and create profound transformation through your daily practice and the reflection and introspection we motivate you to do. Doing the meditation for 40 days straight (without skipping a day!) helps to break negative habits that block you from the expansion possible through the practice.