Know yourself & just be YOU

In the Age of Aquarius we, as human beings, we are invited (or challenged) to become truly real. Illusions and lies are all being quickly revealed and uncovered. We can all see and experience how this super quick revelations are happening all over the world. It’s almost impossible to keep things hidden. Also in our personal lives we can experience this pressure, it’s very hard to keep things in the dark and most people experience this time as intense. The question is, how do you deal with it?


Become you

Again the invitation is to become real, to become you. In the Piscean Age a lot of power was gained by making people believe that God was a power distant from us. The Age Aquarius is all about realizing we are spiritual beings born for a human experience, not human beings born for spiritual experience. As Yogi Bhajan puts it the credo no longer is ‘In God we trust’ but the new credo is ‘In God we dwell’. When we continue to ‘look at’ God as outside of ourselves a huge emptiness inside of us will grow stronger and stronger and nothing from outside will be able to fill it.


Know who you are

We are all being challenged by life to no longer search happiness outside of ourselves, but to truly realize and experience first hand that happiness lies within us. It’s not about finding it anymore, it’s about understanding, knowing and feeling you are it. You are God, you are you, now is the time to enjoy it. But that is not the way we are taught, we are taught to achieve, to improve, we are taught to become somebody,not just simply to be ‘you’. So we keep on searching and keep feeling the void within. Yogi Bhajan says this is a problem in life that is difficult to comprehend, but it all comes down to: we don’t know how who we are. When we don’t know who we are, or we are pretending to be what we are not, it’s painful.


Listen to your soul

When we want to drive a car we go through a whole process of learning before we are allowed to drive it on our own. We take an exam and hopefully get a license before we hit the highway. We steer our car through streets, we change gears, we hit the brake, we let it move from left to right and we expect the car to follow our commands. Yogi Bhajan points out that actually our soul wants the same thing from us, it is giving direction and expects us to listen. But since we often lack a proper understanding of life and how to navigate through it we miss the signals, we don’t understand the signposts and often we end up in traffic jams and accidents. To avoid these problems we need to listen to ‘orders’ of our soul and we need to have a relationship with it. Instead of being emotionally attached to someone we should attach ourselves to our soul. Where is your soul? Everywhere within you.


“All you need is you. You within you is very important. You without you is a mess. You within you. And within that ‘you within you’ is what your nucleus is. And that you have to find. That's your beauty. And then everything is alright.” -- Yogi Bhajan


Kundalini Yoga is a technology to help you really experience yourself, to be fully present in yourself, just as you, just the way you are.


“You are already an enlightened being—you are born with spirit, you live by the spirit, you will die when your spirit will leave you. God is within you, alive, one piece, perfect. As long as God is in you, you are breathing breath of life—Pavan. God is everywhere, God is omnipresent, God is omniscient, then they say, “Go and find Him. Where? God is everywhere, you are nowhere—nowhere searching somewhere for that which is everywhere.” -- Yogi Bhajan


If you no longer need to find yourself or find God, then what is left to do? Relax! Be you!
Don't find yourself; just be yourself. That's easier.

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