The Radiant Body

According to Yogi Bhajan we do not only have a physical body but 9 other bodies besides that. Actually all of these ten bodies together make us what we are, a human being. You could look at these 10 bodies as your Subtle Anatomy. Your Soul for example is body number 1, your physical body is body number 5, your aura is body number 7. In this blog we are going to shed some light on our inner light, our radiance and shine, your body number 10, the Radiant Body.



Protection & Projection

Your Radiant Body is your protection, it protects against negativity. At the same time it is also our projection, it is through our radiance we project who we are. The Radiant Body is energetically connected to your Nervous System and when it is strong it gives a very tangible presence. We all know a person like this, someone who just walks into a room and automatically draws the attention, without acting weird or arrogant, it’s just their presence.

'You are wrong if you think your intelligence works or your words are powerful or you are very charismatic. Actually it is your radiant body, the glow, the shine in you that works.’ – Yogi Bhajan


The Warrior Saint

The tenth body symbolically represents the Warrior Saint, someone that protects and serves, with courage and strong nerves, able to withstand loads of stress and still capable of maintaining balance. A strong nervous system gives them the depth of sensitivity they need to be humble and vulnerable, qualities that allow them to uplift and serve others, just being in their presence is a healing in itself.

Now this doesn’t mean we all need to become Warrior Saints, but having a strong nervous system and a strong Radiant Body does help all of us to move through life gracefully, confident, calm and magnetic, our presence communicating contentment, containment, completeness and consciousness.


The Nervous System

When you develop the physical space of the nervous system it becomes much easier to embrace these positive & royal characteristics of the Radiant Body, it will create a sense of steadiness for those around you. It gives you authentic interaction with others (through your increased sensitivity) and an overall balanced life. When the Radiant Body is underdeveloped we tend to grasp for some security other than our Being and the Infinite and we may fall into an absolute black or white type of thinking, as Yogi Bhajan put it ‘The my way or the Highway’ attitude.


'If you are human and your presence doesn't work, all the wealth and all the knowledge will not work either. Once you develop a personal discipline, your psyche starts emitting a sense of confidence, trust, and grace—and that creates love. You radiance should be so strong, that even if a hateful person sees you, it should totally neutralize the other person's psyche so that they experience nothing but love and friendship.' -- Yogi Bhajan


What helps to strengthen the Radiant Body

  • Meditation (on our Practice Page we offer many meditations)
  • Yogic lifestyle builds a strong nervous system —> the Radiant Body becomes stronger.
  • Wear White clothing (worth a try)
  • Let your hair grow (why not 🙂 and comb it with a wooden comb. Also tying it up on the top of your head helps to feel royal. Read more about hair in this article.
  • Chanting Jaap Sahib by the tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, the archetype of the Warrior Saint.
  • Mantras from the Jaap Sahib, like Ajai Alai, Har Har Mukanday & Gobinday Mukanday (you can read more about the Gobinday Mukanday mantra here)
  • If you really wanna give your Radiant Body an extra boost you could try Archer Pose. Hold this asana for eleven minutes on each side and it will trigger your radiant body. It will give you courage and confidence.

“You will never look beautiful if you are not radiant. Some people spend tons of money just to stand out. People pay millions of dollars just to be applauded. Everywhere you go you are acknowledged because of your radiant body, not because you have read a lot of books or you have not read lot of books. There is one makeup which God has given the human and that is the radiant body and Guru Gobind Singh is the master of that radiant body. You all have that around you, so don't lose the opportunity. Pull it together.” -- Yogi Bhajan