Full Moon in Sagittarius - Arrows of Truth

The Full Moon appears in the sky when the sun is directly opposite of the moon. The sun represents our conscious Self, the moon represents our unconscious. The rays of the sun can thus shed light on things that have been deeply tucked away in our subconscious. We can experience this as enlightening and liberating or it can frighten us.


Seeing the bigger picture

This Full Moon in Sagittarius asks us to look at the bigger picture, to not just see the part but to open ourselves for the whole. Our intuition and our power of discernment are important tools to discover the truth. This Full Moon is a good moment to look at your way of perceiving things, that what you think you know and what other people tell you, because it ain’t necessarily true.

Breaking out of convention

Are you truly spending your precious life energy and time doing what you love, that nourishes you on a deep soul level? Or are you doing what you think you need to do, going against your truest desires? Sagittarius is a sign that longs for breaking out of convention, the urge for adventure and expanding our life experience. Do you allow adventure into your life? What stops you from doing what makes your heart happy, staying true to your soul values?

The Power of your words

Another important aspect to take into your awareness these days is the power of your word. Try to not just talk but apply your words consciously, speak while being fully present and feel the energy behind your words. Stay conscious of the fact that your words have an impact on not just you but also the person you are communicating with. Do you use your words to uplift, inspire, making a true connection with the other person? Or do you use the other person to just get your negativity out of the way?

Being honest

Can you stay true to yourself? Can you be honest with others? Do you honor your integrity? These are good questions to ask yourself and contemplate on the coming days and see how this plays out in your daily life, in your job, your relationships and it the words you use in your communication.


Allow the transformative energy of this Full Moon to flow through you and use your daily practice of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation to stay open, present and aware. You do not need to analyze with your intellect, reconnect with your heart and open yourself to receive the arrows of truth launched by Sagittarius. The truth will reveal itself to you if you are willing to listen and be vulnerable.

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