The Positive Mind - There is a way through every block!

As human beings we all have a Negative Mind, a Positive Mind and a Neutral Mind. In the Tantric Numerology that works with the Ten Body System, they are our Second, Third and Fourth Body, which you could consider as different aspects we all need in this human incarnation to help us navigate through live in the material plane. The Positive Mind is the Third Body and in this third month of the year it’s nice to take a deeper look into its workings and essential meaning.


The most important quality of the Positive Mind is (what’s in a name) positivity. When this aspect or ‘body’ is strong we experience soul power, hope for the future and a feeling of excitement to meet the challenges of life with a deep trust we will succeed. The Third Body loves to solve problems and making the impossible possible. It’s directly connected to our navel point, the seat of our willpower and thus also correlates with the third chakra, Manipura.


The Positive Mind is the aspect of ourselves that expresses a full acceptance of our physical body and the interaction with the physical world. The number three is creative, cheerful and nourishing. But if it turns in the negative direction it can turn out very worrisome and even destructive. When the Positive Mind is not strong it will, instead of solving problems, start to dig in the subconscious to look for all kinds of things from the past and pull them up.

Bringing up the past

When our Positive Mind is weak or underdeveloped, old fears, trauma’s, memories and failures can easily be brought up and projected onto the present moment and are even blown up out of proportion to emphasise the negative sides that can be found. This can make one refrain from taking action, making changes in your life or trying to bring things to a good end. In extreme cases it can make you feel paralysed by negativity and giving up will seem like the only option. If this description sounds familiar to you, working on strengthening your Positive Mind is a good idea! We offer a great Positive Mind meditation on our Practice Page, check it out!

Meditation | for the Positive Mind

This Kundalini meditation helps you to appreciate the contrast between working from your ego and from your inner self, the soul. It brings you into a relaxed and rejoiceful state.

Mantra: Hari Har (8x)

Style : Mantra
Duration : 0 - 15 min





The fire element & the liver

The number three also represents the fire element, an element of joy or anger, transformation, manifestation and visibility. It’s also connected to the liver, the organ that detoxes our bodies continuously, not just from toxins but also from emotions. When there is a toxic overload (through food, toxic thoughts or stress) this can weaken the power of your Positive Mind and your liver, making you feel negative and lethartic.

Strengthen your Positive Mind

To increase the strength of your Positive Mind (and give your liver a break) consider to do a Detox in combination with Kundalini Yoga. This will help your liver to relax, your mind to become calm and will have a stimulating effect on the positive virtues of your Positive Mind. You can Start our Online Detox Sadhana any time that suits you best. You will receive our support to help you get started, get going and keep it up, so you can truly reap the benefits. You will need a healthy dose of determination and will power to keep up your commitment and face the challenges that will surely come your way when you decide to deeply cleanse yourself with a Detox, exactly the characteristics of the Positive Mind.

Give a it chance, to make a change. Make the impossible possible through firing up your creativity and have some fun while at it!

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