How to work with your Negative Mind

In his teachings Yogi Bhajan gave us priceless insights in the way our mind works. An important part of this is knowing that your mind has three powerful functions; the Negative, Positive and Neutral Minds. About the Negative Mind Yogi Bhajan says:


Because you have earned the right to this life, you have the Negative Mind to instinctively protect you. It alerts you to something that is wrong or is a threat.


Your ever present bodyguard

The task of the Negative Mind, is to preserve your life. It calculates risks, warns you for danger and tries to keep you out of trouble. The first thing the Negative Mind always says is ‘No’ to literally everything, that is its role (saying ‘Yes’ is the domain of the Positive Mind which we will explain in another blog). In essence, the Negative Mind isn’t negative, we all need our Negative Minds to survive. We need it to stay safe and put up healthy boundaries in our lives. But when it’s getting too strong its negative aspects will start to overrule and will show up in your life through feelings of being disconnected, sadness, anxiety, fear and (self) doubt. On the other hand, when the Negative Mind is too weak, and thus it’s sensor for ‘danger’ being out of place, you might end up making the wrong decisions that can possibly harm you like ending up in self-destructive relationships and you can easily feel influenced by others since you are not contained enough in your own center. Physical indications that your Negative Mind is out of balance manifest in problems with the kidneys, infections in the urinary track, menstrual problems and sexual dysfunctions.


Stay in touch

To work with your Negative Mind in a constructive way we need be in touch with it, we can’t simply deny it or pretend it’s not there, we need to hear its suggestions and then give it a positive counterweight ending up with a neutral decision. As yogi’s we learn to work with the discerning qualities of the Negative Mind so we can say no to that which is undesirable instead of saying no to ourselves. And it is with the clear discernment of the Negative Mind we can discover who we are by seeing what we are not.

It’s good to know that your Negative Mind is the subconscious in the body that absorbs and stores our patterns and blocks and is thus very much related to your past. When you want to step out of negative loops, behavior and old pain, ignoring or denying it, is not the answer. When we keep things hidden in our subconscious it will end up on our plate eventually, the negative influence of your mind will grow stronger:


The way the mind intrigues you is to combine its thoughts with your subconscious and with your attachments. When the Negative Mind gives you a thought, normally the Positive Mind should tell you what can be useful or right about that same thought. It should provide a contrast and comparison. Instead, when your mind is full of intrigues, it begins to pull every memory from the subconscious that supports that thought from the Negative Mind. This produces a stream of thought, one stacked on top of the other. “It was dangerous then. Yes. It was also dangerous in 1961, 1963, 1972, 1978, 1982, etc.” Each repetition of similar feelings increases the intensity of the thought and convinces you that it is real.


Yogi Bhajan


A new way of relating

Listening to your Negative Mind doesn’t mean you believe everything it says, but you stop the denial and you also stop the counter attack. A beautiful way to communicate with your Negative Mind would be to say: Thank you for this suggestion. I honour your point of view but I am willing to see this differently and open myself for another point of view, a new possibility. In this way you offer your loving presence and  you hold space for old fears and pains to come to the surface to transform.


Create a safe and loving space

Remember: feelings can only leave you when you feel them! Use your spiritual practice to create a safe, open and loving space for your feelings to move through you. On our website we have several Kundalini Yoga practices that will help you with this, especially the Kriya for the Kidneys & the Meditation to Release Negativity will give you instant release.