How to keep balance with a Healthy Stomach

The stomach is an organ that has an important role in our emotional balance. It is where we experience emotions moving through us like a wave.


The stomach is located in the central part of the body which is the reason this organ is connected to our sense of equilibrium, emotionally and mentally but also in relation to food. Fear arises when our sense of balance and stability is under pressure or challenged, for instance when we do not feel supported or nourished in our relationships.

To maintain equilibrium we need to be able to receive, digest, integrate and then let it go of what is no longer necessary. This does not only apply to food only but also to ideas, experiences and emotional reactions. Disturbance of this natural process will lead to mental and physiological constipation through which the mind and the body can become rigid.


It's all about balance

On a psychological level, if you catch yourself obsessively talking about the same things all the time, when you feel a lot of doubt, worry or fear, being overly critical, experience mild depressive symptoms, feeling unsociable or the need to be alone, these are clear indications your stomach needs some attention.

Here are some tell tale physiological symptoms that indicate your Stomach Meridian is out of balance. Of course obviously a first sign would be to have stomach complaints but also digestive problems, nausea, vomiting or a lack of of appetite can show you your stomach energy is out of balance. Cracked lips, fever blisters, sores or ulcer in the mouth, a blocked nose, sore throat, tension in the neck & shoulders, headache, migraine, irritated and tired eyes, joint pain, pain in the knees and legs can be indications there is an unbalance going on.


Trust & Stability

When the stomach energy is in balance you feel trust, empathy, contentment, adaptability and compassion. Now if you have been practicing yoga for a while these words most probably sound very familiar to you. It is exactly these qualities a regular yoga and meditation practice can help you to obtain, nourish and implement in to your daily life, adding balance and stability in your relationship towards yourself, those around you and life in general.


Looking for some support and don’t know where to start?

Kriya | For a strong and healthy stomach

Your stomach is one of the most strong organs in your body and besides its key role in the digestion of food it is also connected to your feeling of stability and comfort. This Kriya will help to optimize the functioning of your stomach and gives you more mental and emotional balance.