11 days | 11 November – 21 November 2016

An 11 day online Sadhana with the Kriya for a Strong and Healthy Stomach.

Autumn is the season that is energetically connected to the earth element and the stomach. Your stomach is one of the most strong organs in your body and besides it’s key role in the digestion of food it is also connected to feelings of stability and comfort. 

This Sadhana is focussed on giving you more mental and emotional balance and helping you to feel more grounded, comfortably at home within your own body and life.

KYS Kriya for a strong and healthy stomach Tim

What we offer when you join the 11 days of ‘Find Balance & Stability within’

  • A beautiful video for your daily Kundalini Yoga Kriya practice during your Sadhana.
  • Regular emails to help you get clear insights and to help you experience more balance & stabilty in your life
  • Support from the teachers via the online community or via email.
  • Tips & tricks to get the most out of your Sadhana.
  • Support to keep up your Sadhana for the full 11 days.
  • You can join the online community and discuss with other participants, ask questions and of course inspire and motivate each other.

Location: do this Sadhana online
Teachers: Tim Schipper & Marieke de Lange
Date: 11 November – 21 November 2016
Price: If you already are a member of Kundalini Yoga School, there are no extra costs for this Sadhana. We are very happy to offer you this guidance to inspire and uplift you! Please let us know that you want to join this particular Sadhana, to receive guidance by email.

Looking forward to welcome you soon in our next online Sadhana. Stay tuned!

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