How can Kundalini Yoga totally de-stress you in only 33 minutes?  

Do you want LESS STRESS?

On the Video Page we are sharing a Kriya to Destress & Revitalize that works wonders on reducing STRESS and relief its negative side-effects in your body and mind by using your hands. But how does it work? Let's look at the exercises we do with more detail!

Exercise 1

First of all, the movement of this exercise is inspired by an old ritual that people would perform in a river to break a frozen state of stress or grief. But what does it do?

In the eleven minutes of this exercise, the liver is stimulated to cleanse the blood and the glands are stimulated to secrete and improve the chemistry of the blood. This combination strengthens your ability to handle stress more effectively. AND... It also stimulates the kidney energy, starts working with the adrenals, and then the whole system—the lungs, the central line, your hip-area, pelvic bone area. It is going to affect your body and you will become very relaxed. It will help you to get rid of this inner mental and physical tension. You are your vitality. Minus tension, you are fine.

Exercise 2

The second exercise of the Destress Kriya works with a mudra and a mantra. First the Mudra, what does it do? You are working with the middle finger, which is connected to the planet of Saturn and the element of Ether or space. It represents patience, purity and discipline.This exercise brings all the chakras into balance and balances the Saturn energy in your psyche, giving you patience and discipline helping to improve your capacity to deal with stressful situations without becoming stressed yourself.

Then the mantra we chant: HAR. What does it mean? The sound Har represents the Infinite in it's creative form and helps you to develop willpower and endurance (see the connection with the mudra?) When you repeat this mantra you have to touch the upper palate with your tongue. In this way you hit to about 36 meridian points that relate to the hypothalamus with each chant of Har. This affects your hypothalumus and pituitary glands, which will start to secrete. The energy you are generating through the repetition of the mantra with the mudra will open up the chakra's and balance the flow of energy. This exercise changes the serum of your spine and it will revitalize the gray matter in the brain. Pretty cool no?

Exercise 3

The third exercise of the 'Kriya to Destress & Revitalize ' will balance your nervous systems. It is said that all diseases come from a weak nervous system. In eleven minutes this exercise strenghtens and balances the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems so that the action nervous system may correctly know what to do. The autonomic system is involved in the processes whereby the body keeps its internal environment constant, that is, maintains temperature, fluid balance, and ionic composition of the blood. The parasympathetic system is concerned with many specific functions, such as digestion, intermediary metabolism, and excretion. The sympathetic system is an important part of the mechanism of reaction to stress.

In the first exercise of the Kriya you balanced the glandular system, the second exercise balanced the chakras, and the last exercise balanced the nervous systems. If all these systems support you, how can you be stressed?


Getting curious?

Try it for yourself, visit our 'Practice Page' to do the Kriya: Destress & Revitalize along with the video.


Kriya | Destress & Revitalize

This Kundalini Yoga (Pittra) Kriya helps you restore vitality and release a lot of stress. It positively affects the liver, the detoxer of your body and helps to sooth your nervous system.

Style : Physical
Duration : 45 - 60 min.