Taking the garbage out through meditation

Yogi Bhajan often mentioned that through the practice of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation we bring out the garbage. But what does that actually mean? The word garbage sounds negative and dirty and it’s not likely that you feel very enthusiastic associating yourself with it. And that is exactly the point! Garbage in this sense doesn’t refer to something dirty in you that you need to get rid of, it points you to what you would naturally do with a bag of garbage: drop it and don’t pick it up again. You wont go walking around all day with a smelly bag of garbage in your hand wherever you go. 

"Why is meditation essential? By meditating we take our garbage out."
— Yogi Bhajan

Now, how does this relate to meditation? Garbage, as Yogi Bhajan calls it, are all these thoughts and feelings that are lingering in you that don’t belong to the Now but are directly related to the past, to past events, things that no longer exist except in your memory. So many things that make us feel uncomfortable, unhappy, negative, worrisome, lonely, etc. are directly deriving from thoughts that have nothing to do with the now, and that we, through our thought project on the present moment. All these thoughts are just like that bag of garbage, you don’t need them, you just want to drop them. But instead we keep clinging to these thoughts because somehow we believe these thoughts are us, we believe they define who are.

If you would look clearly, you could see there is actually nothing right now that is causing you ‘suffering’ except for these thoughts. Until you make the step to see them for what they are - only thoughts - if you keep believing them and the idea they represent of who you believe yourself to be, they will keep having a power to make you feel negative. This is where our Kundalini Yoga meditation practice and online sadhana kicks in.

If you sit quietly and observe the thoughts coming and going, without identifying yourself with them, then you open up the space. A space where you start to clearly see these thoughts for what they are: merely thoughts. Kundalini Yoga makes you consciously conscious, meaning you get to choose wether you still wont to believe these old ideas (and suffer them) or if you are willing to drop them and not pick them up again, exactly like you would do with a smelly bag of garbage!

"You are letting the garbage out, let the past come up, let the crying happen but don’t pick up the memory, stay in the present moment. The past is gone, it is only alive through your memory. See that you can see this. Whatever emotions this brings up, see that you can see this too! None of that belongs here, it is from the past. Don’t pick up anything from the past. Let the crying cry, witness it all happening in a non-personal space, your non-personal presence. You can see that you are not really in pain now, you are suffering the memory. You have to leave everything. Be entirely empty. When you don’t associate with anything, nothing can disturb you." -- Sri Mooji Baba

On our Practice Page you can find a very effective Kundalini Yoga video in which Marieke shares a Kundalini Yoga Meditation to release Negativity. It encourages you to stop investing in negativity and to take your garbage out!